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3 Brand Stories Using Persollo

It's been 14 months since first launching our instant checkout platform. We've created Persollo as the first platform that enables brands, big and small, and influencers to sell their goods across social networks without the need of building sophisticated and expensive technology in the form of traditional e-commerce sites or online shopping carts. Our mission is to help people sell more online by enabling purchases on social media through an instant checkout tool that is faster and hassle-free, while also increasing their conversion rates. With a simple URL link, users are able to embed our technology into their websites, social media platforms, e-mail campaigns, and blogs.

The Persollo Team has been extremely lucky in being able to meet and work with some great people over the past year. 700+ e-boutiques in 16 countries, including some awesome big brands New Balance, HotelsCombined, Cecily Clune, Marie Claire, Australian UGG Original are using instant checkout to sell anywhere and go beyond social and digital engagement by converting likes into sales in less than 15 seconds.

Here are three businesses that have been with us from the beginning:

1. Tea Company Japan

We initially introduced Persollo to Alex from the Tea Company to help him out with his sales on Facebook, particularly helping him process international payments cheaper and faster. This has been particularly helpful, as he ships a variety of premium green teas all over the world directly from where he is currently living - Japan.

When recently speaking to Alex, he expressed his liking for the simple and convenient interface of our tech platform. In particular, he had a great experience with the ability to adjust the checkout to customer needs in seconds and get paid "while the iron's still hot". In other words, he was able to change the prices of his products in a matter of seconds after negotiating with potential customers and messaging them the instant checkout payment link. This is his story:

"Once, I was approached by a young lady from the United States on Facebook. I first suggested to her a premium assortment of Japanese tea for 200 USD. She replied that that was a bit too pricey for her first order and that she was just a 'poor American girl'.

I said: No problem, madam! - and quickly added a new product to my Persollo platform. I have exactly what you need! - I said to her. It`s a premium "Poor American Girl Tea Set" for just 99 bucks! She laughed a lot and I clinched the deal and got paid in no time! "

Designed for social media and mobile, Persollo instant checkout provides the best UX/UI when shopping on mobile devices. Here is an example of Tea Company profile with Persollo.

Check the Tea Company out here.

2. Cecily Clune

Unlike the small e-boutique structure within the Tea Company, Cecily Clune is an established brand specialising in luxury leather goods.

They were essentially able to embed the Persollo instant checkout within their existing website. They literally inserted a tiny bit of code on each bag’s page and wallah - a 'BUY NOW', which pops up a direct to purchase checkout. So simple and was done in an hour. Cecily Clune now has a 'BUY NOW' button on every page of their new website - so they now accept sales online, with no need to attach any payment gateways and pay anything. It is all for FREE.

When customers click to 'BUY NOW' on Cecily Clune website, they are taken to an instant checkout bypassing multi-step conversion-killing shopping cart, which has proven to simplify buyers shopping experience and increase conversion by 300%. Moreover, the instant checkout features a more detailed description of the product, an enlarged photo, and the elimination of an ineffective and conversion-killing 'shopping cart'.

So why this and not a full blown shopping cart? Elizabeth Thomson, Founder of Cecily Clune , says:

"For me, I started off thinking I would mainly go to stockists... (that game is hard!) I did want to see how the online side goes before I invested in getting a shopping cart added… so when Persollo approached me it seemed like a no brainer! Can’t hurt to try. Plus - each item you have has its own personalised link, so you can put it anywhere.. Send it via FB messenger, use it on Instagram, etc."

Check Cecily Clune out here

3. Jane Ju Jewellery

We've also had a great time working with Evgeniya Lisichkina, Founder of Jane Ju Jewellery, and providing her with an easy way to connect her customers with her products on Facebook. Since our instant checkout removes all the friction from shopping through Facebook and allows to process international payments from anywhere in the world, Jane Ju Facebook page is all equiped with Persollo instant checkouts. This allows her to convert likes into sales in a speedy and hassle-free manner. We help Evgeniya Lisichkina to grow her business faster and capture all the impulse buyers without the need to send all those interested through 6 steps of shopping cart to complete the purchase on her website.

Alongside this, Jane Ju Jewellery has a separate Persollo profile which she was also able to sell on instantly.

Check Jane Ju Jewellery out here

Still sending your buyers through conversion-killing shopping cart?

Checkout everyone instantly on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and blog!

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