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Case Study: Australian UGG Original x Persollo

Australian UGG Original has been one of Persollo's regular brand clients for over ten months now. We've done various amazing things for this brand to boost their actual conversion and sale on social media - starting from influencer marketing campaigns in Australia and Singapore powered by instant checkout, regular paid Facebook and Instagram advertising powered by instant checkout and ongoing "Try My Product" social selling campaigns with affiliate setup to automatically reward influencers with % per each sale they generated.

This blogpost is sharing the story and results behind the first social selling campaign by Australian UGG Original powered by instant checkout.

Australian UGG Original first came to us with a challenge to increase their sales in the period of the year with the lowest number of sales. Along with increasing the revenue, Australian UGG Original wanted to promote their brand and boost number of followers on their Instagram profile. With our love for the UGG products, we launched an #exclusiveuggsale campaign with 10 micro-influencers on Instagram. Utilising our instant checkout platform, influencers offered their followers to buy the UGG boots at super price of $100 AUD only from their influencers' Instagram profiles.

Bypassing online shops and cumbersome shopping carts capitalising on impulse purchasing behaviour, our instant checkout campaign generated a huge spike in sales. The overall conversion rate increased by 150%, which was the highest rate in last 3 months and the highest ever for this month across all the previous years. Influencers performed the conversion rate at 4 -7%. Furthermore, we’ve opened additional markets, with new sales coming from Singapore and United States.

Campaign Results:

  • 4-7% conversion through influencers (using instant checkouts)

  • Overall sales increased by 150% in the low season

  • Affiliate setup to reward influencers with 7% per each sale

  • 10 Australia-based content creators

  • 19 unique content assets created and shared on Instagram

  • Delivered in 16 days

Check out some of the campaign content:

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