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Case Study: Persollo x Sunglass Hut

Our team has been busy and we're keen to keep you up to date. We've begun our first global instant checkout ongoing campaign based out of Dubai! This is really exciting for the Persollo team, as we'll be working with the internationally recognised company - Sunglass Hut -for the next couple of months.

This campaign is fairly similar to other campaigns that we've powered in the past, and has the aim of increasing Sunglass Hut's general brand awareness and conversion rates. In order to do this, 20 influencers with the perfect demographic were chosen for the purposes of promoting fashion and beauty items. They generated multiple social media posts and video content over the course of the campaign using the hashtag #shadesofyou!

Here are just some of posts:

As always, social media influencers have included a link to our instant checkout in their profile biography. This technology has proven to increase conversion rates by over x3 times, and makes social selling and buying easy. Each influencer make 15% of each sale they make via their unique links straight into their bank accounts.

Check out some profiles:

Find the campaign here.

Visit us here.

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