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Traffic Without Sales?

Let's address a key problem that exists within the e-commerce and social selling world: constant site traffic that does not lead to any real sales. I previously addressed this issue in a post detailing what sellers can execute on their end to increase conversion - but what can Persollo features do to help?

Let's take a closer look.

We come across this question a lot:

"I've tried so many avenues to get conversions on my website. Traffic is constant and steady, but I'm only making one or two sales a month. I've tried campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, but nothings working. What's going wrong?"

This is essentially the problem that Persollo is striving to solve, and here's what we have developed.


Our instant checkout technology essentially means that there is only one step between your item listing and your customer's payment. Hence, the instant checkout works to eliminate the burden of the online 'shopping cart', and the high abandonment rate (68%) that tends to come along with it. Ultimately, having a single-page checkout lessens the probability of a potential customer dropping out of a purchase at its most crucial decision-making moment - allowing you to optimise your conversion rates.

A link to this checkout is generated by Persollo, and can simply be pasted in your Facebook product description, Instagram biography, or any other sort of online marketing and selling. We've put a great deal of consideration into making this process extremely easy for both the buyer and seller.

Here's what it looks like:


At Persollo, we've spent lots of time working with affiliates and Influencers. We'll be happy to recommend a bunch of great people with large followings and engagement rates to help achieve your sales targets. Our team can also brief the chosen Influencers on the expected style of content, captions, and sales goals.

Generally, Influencers will post bright, catchy content promoting your product(s) over their social media platforms. The largest benefit of teaming up with Influencers is that you'll be able to reach an extremely large, yet specific group of consumers. Given a wonderful product, the hype generated by social selling posts tends to result in responses and interactions from the get-go. The instant checkout converts the desire and social engagement into sale in less then 15 seconds. Our technology is designed the way that each business can reward their affiliates and influencers with a % clip per each sale they generate.

A post from an Influencer will generally look like this:


At Persollo, we care about effective marketing and real results, whether its sales or leads. For those brands that don't want to transact, we offer lead generation in 1 tap on social media and through influencers. Persollo allows you to collect data about your potential customers and turn them into real customers.

Checkout the lead generation flow with Persollo through Influencers on Instagram:

With a combination of our instant checkout/lead generation technology and product promotion by our Influencers, your brand has the potential to reach unprecedented amounts of customers and convert them into sales or leads. All brands using these Persollo features gain access to a relevant, specific demographic of consumers via the Influencers. Essentially, this means that Persollo can actively generate leads and create a base of prospective clients for any brand.

Check us out here.

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