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How a Japanese Skincare Brand Generated 1731 Leads on Instagram with Persollo

Have you heard about our new lead generation functionality? Freshly launched last month, it allows brands and influencers to generate leads in just 1 tap from social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and on blog. We' super excited to share some first amazing results! Here is a case study - this time we have worked with a Japanese Skincare Brand called Three by conducting a lead generation campaign through influencers. This type of campaign is more for the brands who aren't as interested in transactions and instant sales. Instead, our technology allows brands to collect data about their potential customers, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion and real sales down the road.

So there are five steps involved in the process of our lead generation campaigns:

1. Potential consumers interact with social media posts by our partnered influencers. This generally involves some sort of incentive.

2. The consumer submits their details through a lead generation form similar to our instant checkout technology. These details are required in order to receive the above mentioned incentive. During our campaign with Three, the incentive was a free 'Care Kit'.

3. The consumer is notified of Persollo and the brand's intention in recording their details, and they choose to give consent to proceed.

4. Once these steps are all passed, the consumer details are synced in a neat dashboard for the brand to view.

5. Now, the brand has access to an extensive and reliable list of sales leads. These leads may be used to advance future marketing activities.

Here are some infographics which simplify the whole process:

So this may all sound great - but does it actually work? Check out our results of the lead generation campaign we ran with Three. With 1731 leads generated in a week through micro-influencers on Instagram, we're really excited about our new, powerful technology! This unlocks many market segments for Three, and gives them access to a specific demographic of consumers who are already interested in their products. We can't wait to see how this technology will change the scope of social media marketing and sales in the future!

Check out some of the highly successful posts which led to consumer excitement and the generation of new leads!

Start your lead generation/sampling here.

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