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How to Find & Partner with Influencers Through the Persollo Platform

We've realised how difficult it may be for different brands to find the perfect influencer - and how it is usually even more difficult to begin the actual partnership. So, in response, we've developed and launched 'Try My Product' Marketplace. This section of our platform allows brands to submit their own, personalised campaign briefs for a whole community of influencers to review and to get promotions on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube in exchange of FREE products. NO paid posts and NO Fees to influencers!

The campaign briefs generally include the interested brand, the details of product or service offered for FREE by the brand, the minimum amount of followers the influencer should have, the target country, and the different campaign channels the brand would like to be featured in. A list of these briefs is then neatly uploaded onto a communal and easy-to-navigate marketplace dashboard. Take a look:

Upon clicking on a particular brief, the interested influencer is directed to a page with further, more specific details. Here, they are notified of the product they will receive in exchange for social media promotions, and the required audience demographic and metrics they usually target. This way, negotiations between the brand and influencer will already have a solid foundation in terms of expectations and rewards. Here's an example:

In this way, we have sought to bring together a community of influencers onto one platform! Our community has reached 80,000 influencers this month! Persollo's mission with this section of our platform is to streamline the process for both brands and influencers when trying to find each other.

We're really excited to be introducing "Try My Product" Marketplace, as it has seen major success with brands such as Australian UGGS Original, Venque, Jane Jewellery, Belle Bottle and others. Here are some of the posts which started their journey through the Persollo Marketplace:

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