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How to Request FREE Products Through 'Try My Product' Marketplace

The Persollo Team has recently launched a 'Try My Product' Marketplace segment on our platform, and we'd love to walk you through it. Our new marketplace allows any influencer, affiliate, or other social media personality to request free services and products from our brands in return for a small promotion.

Here's how it works:

1. Select a campaign that is offering goods or services that interest you. Take into account the requirements set out by the brand which detail the range of followers, country, and campaign channels required. These are examples of what you may find on your marketplace dashboard:

2. Express your interest, and wait for approval from the brand. Click on the 'Request Participation' button, and follow the steps from there.

3. Receive your free good or service from the brand. Influencers will be receiving a selection of their favourite products in exchange for sharing their genuine reactions and reviews of them on their social media profiles.

4. So lastly, share your experience with the product on the suggested campaign channels.

This is essentially how our 'Try My Product' Marketplace works!

Feel free to check it out here.

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