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Analytics Blog #1: First Insights into Influencer Directory

On 12th February we announced the release of Influencer Directory with 86,200 social media influencers across 149 countries.

At Persollo we are all about transparency & visibility. Thus, we want to bring transparency to the influencer directory & our internal data.

Our mission here is to share with partners, brands, businesses, agencies and influencers what information we have on our platform.

Here is the global view on the influencers we have in our Directory. It is a global penetration :)

Many agencies and brands asked us what are our top 10 countries by number of influencers.

Here they are:

In Persollo Directory the top 3 countries by number of influencers are United States, UK and Australia.

And here is a view on our Influencer Directory by Markets. North America is a dominant leader, followed by Europe and Oceania! Interesting fact is that, on average, Asian influencer has more followers than the one from North America.

Influencer Directory is available under Business Subscription Plan.

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