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TOP-9 brands on Persollo platform in February

Every month we highlight the most recognisable brands on Persollo platform. Let's have a look what's new we've got by the end of February, 2018

As it used to be in January, Persollo keeps being popular among the beauty and fashion brands. But what's changed in February is the fact that more and more food producers joined the platform and the range of unique eatable goods became wider. Get comfortable and dive into closer acquaintance with our TOPs.

House of Scoville is truly hot brand representing the world's largest selection of Australian hot sauces. Handcrafted in Downunder they can literally turn your standard barbeсue into the real masterpiece just with a few drops. By the way, all the products have really stylish package design and will make you smile when reading their names.

Little Bliss is a small organic skincare brand born in sunny Gold Coast. They're spreading fashion on clean and green beauty and also teaching "to wholeheartedly love the skin you are in". Love not only to yourself is a brand's main value but love to the other creatures that's why Little bliss doesn't test their products on animals. "Tested on humans", - they smile.

Jane Ju Jewellery is a promising Sydney raised accessory brand. Inspired by nature, feminity and "life pearls" as calls the best moments of human life the author of jewellery, her handcrafted earrings, pendants and rings will inspire any woman.

Good on you is one of the most unusual startups on Persollo. It's not just a brand - it's a mobile app which helps fashionistas in making right choices. How exactly? Many of you have some ethical preferences and want to buy clothes from a decent brand which shares them. For example, you want to buy jeans from the brand caring about life and work balance of it's workers or, let's say, about nature. The main problem is difficulties in finding information about brand as well as lack of time to do this great research. Good On You solved it and created ratings! Installing application you get a great source of data about hundreds of companies and their policies so you can choose the right guys and buy from the like-minded company!

Sassy Organics claims itself as a health-conscious brand and for sure their products satisfy all wishes of organic cosmetics lovers. Using only the purest and high quality ingredients guys from Sassy Organics believe that they make modern world better.

The Bower is a perfect chance to run away from the rushing city life and get lost in the woods in comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Staying for the weekend in this beautiful travel trailer on the New South Wales South Coast will make you relaxed and full of energy for the next working week!

Tea Company is a Japanese business suggesting a wide range of different kinds of natural and organic tea both green and black. All sorts are grown by the local farmers

all over Japan and ready to be delivered to any country.

McDiarmids family business specialises on footwear. Being established in 1880s in New Zealand it is still under the management of the first owner's heir in 4th generation. They not only sew boots but repair them as well.

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