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How to create Sampling or Lead Generation Form

Recently Persollo designed a new service – creating lead generation forms. Let’s deep dive into this curious option and look carefully in it’s features and benefits.

Once we'd been thinking: "What if we meet a brand which is not so sales-oriented as everybody's used to thinking about the standard brand? What if there are some guys who really wants to communicate with truly interested in their product people and hear them instead of shouting "Hot pies! Hot pies!" into social media nowhere?". And then the brainstorm began.

In December Persollo team came up with an amazing decision about creating sampling forms or as it also can be called lead generation technology.

What is a sampling or lead generation form?

It is an online form to fill in for your customers. Being really easy to create, this kind of short questionnaire can be placed on your social media pages, website or spread among influencers as an instant checkout link, for example. Visitors complete it in just 1 step and their data is automatically being saved in your Persollo dashboard.

Yes, it's quite similar to our instant checkout technology by performance, but different by purpose. Instead of quick and effective 1 click sales and fast boosting of conversion rate you get different but not less effective solutions described below

Now we want to teach how actually this option can be used in your marketing battles.

Who should try Persollo's lead generation technology?

As we mentioned before, sampling or lead generation forms are useful for those brands who're not interested in instant sales and anonymous, one-side communication with audience in the world of social. It's created for businesses passionate about communicating and hearing the existing and potential customers, building long-term relationship with them. The goal here is not to make people buy right now but to suggest them buying when they are ready and want it. That's why brand chose this option should be ready to give something for free (any incentive, sample) to get something sold after a while.

What benefits gives you lead generation?

1. Powerful image in social media;

2. Database of really interested in your product people, not just passers by;

3. Opportunity to communicate with your existing and potential customers via e-mail or other types of newsletters;

4. Information for retargeting, improving your content or other analysis of your brand's performance;

5. Comfortable performing of giveaways without stressing out about collecting all the participants' details;

6. Possibility to observe the visitor's of your website activity and understanding on what stage is he or she in the product purchase cycle via putting cookies matching him/her with the database you've got from using sampling.

How to create a sampling / lead generation form on Persollo platform?

STEP 1: Go to your Persollo account and add to your boutique the product you wish to promote by creating lead generation form or click on the existing product;

STEP 2: Choose "Edit product" on the upper panel;

STEP 3: Go down that page till you see "Disable e-commerce" option and then on the right of it just switch on "Transform this checkout into lead generation form" (should be green and "Buy now" button should disappear);

STEP 4: Add some uniqueness to your form and fill in the lower field with text which you want your customers to see on the button instead of standard words if you wish or just go for classics and write down "Submit".

STEP 5: Click "Save", then click "I'm done" and open your product again to copy the link from the upper side of your browser.

Voila! Your lead generation form is ready! Just put the link into your social media and generate your own leads with Persollo! Good luck!

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