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Persollo 1-click Conversion from New Shoppable Instagram Posts | Sales Machine for Small & Big B

Have you heard about the new shoppable posts on Instagram? It’s an absolute conversion machine when you combine it with Persollo 1–click instant checkout!

Before this innovation your Instagram brand pages had only one place for clickable link — bio. Now you can place price tag on pictures on Instagram and after clicking on this tag your buyer lands on the checkout page straight away, which means "hot" buyer is able to make a purchase without any delays and putting products to baskets. This makes you get conversion even sooner than you used to – as in comparison to sending buyers through exhausting multi-step conversion-killing shopping cart!

How to set it up?

Instagram is connected with Facebook now, so to create price clickable tag you have to create a product catalogue with prices, relevant description and a link to Persollo 1-click checkout on the Facebook page of your business. It’s important if you want to use our 1-click conversion technology through your new settings on Instagram. And you should have “Shop” button as well. In case you didn’t set up your store on Facebook read these instructions.

Once your Facebook shop is ready, go to your Instagram page settings:

“Edit profile” — “Business information” — “Category” — “Shopping and retail” — “Done”. It is possible to do only from your mobile device as well as to see price tags.

Then you are ready to use the new feature. You can put price tags on both new photos and old ones. Keep in mind that the option is available not for everyone in case of putting tags on post with multiple photos as we found out.

How to add a price tag leading to Persollo 1-click instant checkout?

1. Download a pic or open for editing an existing post.

2. There you’ll see a small plus in the lower right corner. Click on it and choose “Tag product”.

3. Then you should click on the place you want to add a price tag and choose it from the catalogue (before it happens you can be asked to choose which catalogue should be used and you just need to chose the one from the list or a single one you see).

4. That’s it! If you added links to Persollo instant checkout to your Facebook product catalogue they will be automatically used in your Instagram. Easy!

What does it mean for your business?

Here are some success stories of e-commerce brands using Persollo instant checkout on Instagram, Facebook and through social media influencers:

· Australian UGG Original: increased sales by 150%, opened 2 new markets;

· New Balance: sold 60% of all the pre-sale stock in just 4 days;

· The Hunger Project Australia: sales target hit in 8 days (a charity campaign selling t-shirts through 94 social media influencers with Persollo instant checkouts on Instagram);

Wish you astonishing conversion rates using this methodology! Forget about conversion-killing multi-step shopping carts and start selling 1-click with Persollo.

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