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Product Update: Add Shipping Cost + Filter Brand Offers in "Try My Product" Marketplace

Now introducing "Add Shipping Cost" functionality and filters to browse and sort different campaigns in "Try My Product" Marketplace.

New Feature to Add Shipping Costs

In response to requests from our tribe of loyal subscribers, we are excited to announce the release of functionality to add shipping costs and make them visible to shoppers.

In our initial implementation the shipping costs were included in the product price.

Now our brands have great opportunity to add the shipping costs separately and make it visible for the people wanting to buy their products.

To add shipping cost to your product when creating or editing existing checkout, please simply choose the option "This product requires shipping" and add the shipping price. See image below.

Filter Brand Offers in "Try My Product" Marketplace

The number of brands submitting their awesome campaigns to Persollo "Try My Product" Marketplace is rapidly growing! For easy browsing through our Marketplace we introduce filters to navigate between various campaigns and brand offers.

Now you can filter the product offers by:

  • Product retail value

  • Product category

  • The number of followers you need to have to request brand products

  • Country

Jump here to explore what products your can request to try in exchange for promotion on social media.

We are heading to work! Lots of new features coming next week! <3

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