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Tutorial for Influencers | How to Apply for the Campaign via "Try My Product" Marketplace

Introducing our "Try My Product" Marketplace we'd like to give you a hint how to use it as an influencer registered with Persollo platform.

STEP 1: Log in to your Persollo account and make sure your profile is appropriately filled in (your social networks and image is attached);

STEP 2: Go to "Campaigns" on the left panel and choose "Marketplace";

STEP 3: Choose the campaign you want to participate in and read the conditions attentively;

STEP 4: If you like the product and agree with conditions, click "Request participation". You'll have to wait untill you are approved by the brand. Check your status in your Persollo profile under "I participate in" tab;

STEP 5: Once you are approved (if the brand decided your social profile is suitable) you'll see the change of status. Check your e-mail as well - you can receive a letter from Persollo with the list of campaigns you're taking part in;

STEP 6: Wait till you are contacted by the brand to discuss the details of participation and shipping details;

STEP 7: Once you've received the product, please follow the instructions and conditions of the campaign. After your post goes live, please copy it's URL and paste to the brand campaign page in Persollo.

STEP 8: To check if the post URL submission was successful, please, go to "My posts". It's important for the brand to see your post among the other posts from the other partners-influencers.

Everything's done! Wishing you comfortable and pleasant collaborations via Persollo "Try My Product" marketplace! Looking forward to introducing you to more new features in the nearest future.

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