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Tutorial for Brands | How to create a campaign on "Try My Product" Marketplace

"Try My Product" Marketplace is designed to help brands find the right social media influencers to promote their brand in exchange of FREE product. Recently we've put together a guide for influencers and here's an instruction for brands that want to build their relationship with influencer directly, structure and run their own campaigns, track conversions and reward influencers with a % per sale.

Here are 8 steps how to submit campaign brief to “Try My Product” Marketplace, how to accept/decline influencer requests, how to run successful campaigns and turn your first collaboration into ongoing partnership:

STEP 1: Log in to your Persollo account and choose "Campaigns" - "Created by me" - "Create a campaign"

STEP 2: Fill in the campaign brief with your details - choose social media channels, write appropriate #hashtags, @mentions and links to be used with the post. Then click "Next".

Choose a name for your campaign. Is it gonna be ongoing or set time frames. Then choose a product you want to give to the influencers (it should be already created in Persollo doing STEP 1) and specify the category. Indicate the campaign objectives and click "Next".

At the next page you should decide how many followers influencers must have to participate in your campaign, what country is your main interest and followers from where you need to cover (if it's important for you), what gender followers must be and their age. It is up to you to decide whether it's principal or not really.

After that you need to finalise your campaign registration, check if everything is correct and then submit it.

STEP 3: That's it! Just click "I'm done" after submitting and wait a little bit till your campaign is approved by Persollo. You will receive an e-mail about this as well.

Keep in mind that "Try My Product" Marketplace is not available within FREE subscription plan. To start your own campaign and be able to work with influencers you need to upgrade to Expert Plan for only 39 USD per month. Persollo is pleased to give a 50% discount for brands who's gonna use the marketplace for the first time!

What happens next?

Once your campaign is approved it becomes visible on Marketplace and available for the influencers to request partnership.

STEP 4: Check the status of your campaign in "Created by me" and and check if there are any influencer requests that needs to be reviewed.

STEP 5: Open the campaign page, go to the "Influencers" and approve them or decline. You can see their Persollo profiles if you click on their names.

STEP 6: You need to contact the influncers you've chosen via e-mail etc (you'll get an e-mail from Persollo with contacts or you can find it in the influencer's profile) and discuss all the details of collaboration and shipping of the product. Real life chat is coming soon! :)

STEP 7: After the product was shipped and the influencer confirmed that he/she received it you can check if the post is ready. You can surely see it on social media, but you'll feel more confident and controlling the situation checking the profile on Persollo as well. There's a page "Posts", where you can see all posts submitted by influencers via Persollo ("Created by me" - "Campaign details" - "Posts").

STEP 8: If you want to finish your campaign, go to "Created by me", choose that campaign and click "Finish".

That's how Persollo "Try My Product" marketplace works. All the way comfortable for both sides and truly efficient and helpful as a tool for your business which helps you to use such a modern way of developing as an influencer marketing.

No FEEs for influencers' posts - only FREE products throughPersollo.

No risks to be trapped by the fraudulent accounts and fake leaders of thoughts - only transparent collaboration totally controlled by the brand.

No shocking expenses - only 39 USD per month and guaranteed 50% discount on the first try!

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