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Persollo founders named on FORBES 30 under 30 Asia list

Olga Oleinikova and Kyrylo Medvediev, co-founders of Persollo, were chosen from 2,000 of nominees from all over Asia as the great game-changers in e-commerce and retail industry. How is that - being hailed as young innovators - they told us exclusively.
Each year since 2015 FORBES is looking for, as they say, young "innovators and disruptors" from different parts of the globe who are reshaping their industries and changing modern world for the better. The final list for Asia-Pacific region, where Olga and Kyrylo were featured, is created from 300 entries (30 in 10 categories), picked from more than 2,000 claimed nominations. To be 100% sure, an industry-specific judge panel were hired to vet each and every one of the entries. Now you can imagine how tough that silent competition was.
"With her co-founder Kyrylo Medvediev, Olga Oleinikova started Persollo, the world's 1st instant checkout platform that enables small merchants, brands and influencers to sell their goods across social networks without the need to build sophisticated shopping sites. Inspired by her career as a consumer researcher and behavioral scientist Olga examined individual life strategies, motivations and behavioral patterns and concluded that people like to make unconditional purchase choices and do what they love without any barriers. The checkout platform is currently helping over 750 businesses across 16 countries to increase their conversion by 300%. Her global client list includes New Balance, Sunglass Hut, Australian UGGs Original and Marie Claire", - says the description on Forbes.
Olga and Kyrylo have their unique story of not only making modern innovative business and running social projects, but of becoming a part of 30 under 30 as well. As they shared, nobody expected for such an honour because nobody ever thought about it.
There was a mystery moment during their application process. To shed some light on this intriguing moment, guys told us that they didn't actually applied for nomination - somebody who enjoyed what they do claimed them as nominees and suggested their candidacy. Who was that - they still don't know. Surprise is really successful. But, of course, after a while young co-founders received a letter from the magazine's representative and decided to finalise the registration process - trying is always worth the result!
"It's an absolute honour to be named on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list alongside my changemaking partner in crime Kyrylo Medvediev. Without our amazing team of 11, who work across Ukraine and Australia, we would never be able to get where we are today. Forbes recognition is a great motivation to continue helping people grow their businesses faster and sell more online through our 1-step instant checkout that is faster, hassle-free and conversion-driven. Thank you to all who supported us!", - said Olga.
Led by Olga and Kyrulo, full of energy and inspiration Persollo is striving to change the world even more and ready for the new challenges.
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