Case study: Little Bliss Skincare x Persollo

This time we are showcasing what a freshly launched brand Little Bliss Skincare was up to using Persollo! Little Bliss for $39 per month has access to setup instant checkouts for her products, create lead generation/giveaway forms, add "Shop Now" buttons to her website and partner with influencers through "Try My Product" Marketplace.

Persollo is all about affordable high level e-commerce and ROI-driven marketing. We truly believe in revenue growth without giant financial budgets, that's why we made most of our features available for free. But why upgrade to Expert plan? What do you get for $39 every month? Here is the story from one of our clients!

After upgrading their Persollo profile to Expert level Little Bliss Skincare got really hot mixture of various services available to use all at once. Combining benefits of "Try My Product" Marketplace, instant checkout, lead generation and commission reward to influencers, the brand has made it's next move in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Giveaways: Another Shade of Lead Generation

“It was great having a list of new email subscribers to import into mail chimp. I was able to grow my email list through the giveaway competition on Instagram”, - says Melissa, the owner.

This campaign was remarkable by quite a new way of applying lead generation technology. The brand decided to try out popular promotion via giveaway. On it's page on Instagram Little Bliss published announcement about giving away handmade coffee scrubs where she asked followers to enter the contest through the single clickable link - that's where Persollo technologies played their part.

The link was placed in bio of the Instagram profile. But this time it led not to checkout page but to sampling form, attracting new fans to the brand and collecting data about them. All those followers wishing to win voluntarily filled in the lead gen form on Persollo. Having this information gave a chance to step forward and widen the list of newsletter subscribers which helps in building up friendly relationship between Little Bliss and the giveaway participants.

Combining use of our lead gen technology as a giveaway tool and putting to the front strong material motivation (FREE coconut coffee scrub) Little Bliss got 31 lead just in 3 days! The conversion is 3,2%! How good is that for freshly launched brand?!

Partnering with Influencers

Moreover, Little Bliss Skincare got the ability to widen not only the list of newsletter subscribers but it’s marketing horizons in the sense of new partnership. Compared with free Starter plan, the upgrade allowed not only generation of more instant checkout links and lead generation/giveaway forms, but gave access to our innovative cooperation service — “Try My Product” Marketplace. Such a powerful and modern tool as influencer marketing became available.

Little Bliss placed a campaign brief and suggested it's bestseller coconut coffee scrub for a try to Persollo influencer community and commission reward from sales through individual instant checkout links. After a while the brand chose bloggers suitable for their criteria from the decent amount of applicants and started collaboration.

As noticed, main pluses of partnership via “Try My Product” Marketplace are:

1. No money is needed — neither paid posts, nor fees for influencers;

2. Honest exchange of goods and product reviews;

3. No need in long process of finding suitable influencers and mailing — they find the brand’s suggestion themselves;

4. Comfortable system of navigation and control over the campaign and its results.

Adding a Cherry on Top

To polish such a good-looking results "Shop now" buttons on the website were turned into Persollo instant checkout links during the campaign as well. We would call that effect "full coverage" because "hot" visitors got so many "anchors" to get their attention drawn that anyone just didn't have almost any chance to pass by the brand's deals and propositions.

* * *

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