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6 Tips to Run a Successful Influencer Campaign with Persollo

Recently one of our clients literally showered us with questions about influencer marketing and it's proper use for her biz. Particularly, how to run a SUCCESSFUL campaign on Persollo getting as much sales/leads as possible? We were thinking about it for a while trying to organise all that experience and knowledge we've got. Here are some tips we formulated and ready to share with you.

Undoubtedly, influencer marketing is the most powerful sales tool nowadays. It's convenient and, actually, created for use in social media where all your potential customers hide from intrusive TV or boring newspaper adds. In it's turn, social media are constantly designing new features for businesses and improving conditions for selling and buying activities. Add there the fact that majority of people would buy a product after it's being recommended by a relative or... a lovely Internet person, influencer, they never saw but keep liking her or his pictures every day. Unknown people with beautiful monochrome profiles became our virtual friends or experts whose opinion we value. And what we've got at finish? Perfect sales channel working both sides, from people to people, and dozens of target markets in there which constantly grow. It might sound frightening, but Persollo is not gonna teach you how not to get obsessed with social media. Persollo team will explain you how to use this reality to increase your ROI!

There are some tricks how to squeeze the tastiest juices from social media and run a perfect influencer campaign with Persollo.

1. Launch the brief

Think about and choose exact social media channels, appropriate #hashtags, @mentions and links you want to be used during promotion. Set a goal - what you wish to get from the campaign? -and write it down in brief as well. You need to understand whether you want calling to buy or just an introduction from influnecers.

It would be better if you write down three "what ifs" - possible results of your campaign and think about your next steps in case of awesome, average and poor result. But keep in mind that developing brands usually don't get crazy numbers and it's absolutely normal. Especially, if you're working with micro-influencers what we usually recommend at the start and what "Try My Product" Marketplace was created for.

2. Remember about it

Starting a campaign and not checking out how it is working out is senseless. Always look at your Persollo profile and see if there's somebody claimed participation in your campaign. There you can see who wants to collaborate with you and approve them, check the influencer's post and mark it as satisfactory or not really. The same with the e-mail and direct messages.

3. Choose right influencers

Don't overestimate and don't believe when somebody promises a fortune after the first campaign. Choose not only affordable and cost-efficient tools but the right influencers to build partnership with. Being a small local handmade business, for example, you'd better work with micro-influencers than trying to break the wall and reach out to more-than-a-million guys. That's why Persollo marketplace is a good option.

4. Communicate easy

There are some easy principles about building the dialogue with bloggers, leaders of thoughts and the other influencers. Filling in the details of your campaign on Persollo don't leave empty fields and let influencers know what exactly you want and what you offer. Don't jump into commercial slogans - tell it in your own words. The simpler you write the more people understand it and the more influencers will claim their participation. Keep short and concretise who you are, what you want and what is needed to be done.

5. Don't spend too much

Here's a short financial advice about smart spending instead of standard long-reads about planning your budget. Don't spread your efforts everywhere at once not being able to control the process - spend consciously! Invest in something worth candles and working for your type of biz. At Persollo we suggest cost efficient Expert Plan for $39 per month and a little bit more functional Business Plan for $399 to become fully armed with the best e-commerce tools from award-winning startup.

6. Be sincere

The logic "I give money - you work" is not right in accordance with influencer marketing. Simple paying an influencer for a post and then forgetting about them is totally wrong. Success of the influencer campaign really depends on quantity of bloggers that sincerely love or show an interest in your product - otherwise their followers won't "buy".

To get this luck you have to be sincere and attentive yourself. Engage with their content, like and comment on their photos, record their special events and birthdays and send them free products without any commercial goal in mind. Persollo knows how difficult it can be sometimes to foster friendly relationship and differ true interest and a wish to be paid, so we decided to exclude financial part from "Try My Product" Marketplace work scheme. That's why brands and influencers in there are interested in products and feedbacks, not the money.

* * *

Hope you found our advice useful and implement it in your business strategy!

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