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Marketing Guide: What You Can Do with Persollo on $39 or $399 Budget

New clients who's often quite new to e-commerce and business promotion in social media keep asking us questions about the use of Persollo. We decided to write an ultra simple guide with all the options you receive once you start using our platform.

After signing up to Persollo you can:

1. Create instant checkout links

What is it? Instant checkout is a unique technology created by Persollo, which helps you to speed up your sales and boost ROI, getting the highest conversion rate you ever had before :) In fact, it's a direct link to the product, which gives you an ability to avoid using payment gateways and not to pay huge money to e-commerce service providers for installation.

How? When you add your product to Persollo profile, click save and you'll get an instant checkout link. Feel free to place it wherever you want to sell - on your website or social media account. By selling through this direct checkout link your customers don't have to make their way through multi-step shopping cart, but checkout in just 1 step. To put it simply, the impulse to buy doesn't fade and there's no time to change their mind.

2. Create lead generation forms

What is it? Lead generation form is a short questionnaire for your existing and potential customers, which helps you to collect data about them and built a quality communication. It's great for sampling, competitions and giveaways.

How? When you add your new product in Persollo just choose option "Transfer this checkout into lead generation form" at the bottom of the webpage (should be green). The same as with instant checkout, you are free to place the link to lead gen form on your social media and website and then get the information you need in just 1 tap. It's a fantastic way to build up your mailing list!

3. Partner with influencers with no extra cost

What is it? Collaboration with influencers, or as it's called influencer marketing, is an amazing tool for your business promotion which helps to get higher return on investment than standard efforts to sell directly, because people believe people, not companies.

How? There are two ways.

First way: Create your own campaign on "Try My Product" Marketplace, describe all your wishes and requests for influencer promotion. Try My Product Marketplace - means influencers promote your product in exchange of your FREE product - with NO FEEs per post. After your campaign brief lands into marketplace - you are ready to start collecting requests from influencers. Then approve whoever you like and contact! Pay attention to the fact that you don't have to pay influencers for their posts and product reviews - you just give them a product!

P.S. Look at our tips about starting your campaign at out marketplace here.

Second way: Browse through and connect via Persollo influencer Directory. You are still using barter, but this time you have access to browse through Influencer directory of 86,237+ influencers and invite those you like for collaboration. Influencer Directory gives you a chance to have a pro-active position and reach out to only those influencers you like.

You are in a good company!

823+ e-boutiques and world-known brands in 16 countries are using Persollo platform to sell in 1 step & partner with influencers.

Do you have any questions? E-mail us!

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