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TOP-10 Influencers on Persollo Platform in May

Working in B2B sphere and connecting exciting brands with talented influencers from all around the world, Persollo team is launching a new rubric showcasing the most amazing and inspirational leaders to collaborate with. Meet our top this month!

@quoc.phan - modern man's creative muse, professional digital marketer and a real man in Instagram who's in minority.

"Ever since I signed up to Persollo, it’s been great! The one step checkout makes it so simple for anyone to conduct a purchase. It’s a feature that gives Persollo a point of difference, especially in a society where most are time poor or seek convenience. The platform is extremely user-friendly, where I can simply connect with a brand and receive a response within 24 hours. In the past year, I’ve seen Persollo grow rapidly and it’s no surprise that they have won numerous accolades and awards. Looking forward to working with Persollo on many more campaigns!", - wrote Quoc.

@aamberrroseee - personal trainer and nutrition coach with a big heart. 31k followers.

"Every year I jump on a plane to my favourite country Cambodia to help out people that are less fortunate then I. There is no better feeling knowing I can supply fresh drinking water, toothbrushes, soap and clothing to children and families that need it more than I do", - Amber describes her impressions from journey.

@alonaviorne - fashion stylist and traveller and just a beautiful young woman. She has 22,600 followers.

"Sometimes you have to find a new path and not walk the well known one", - points out Alyona in her microblog.

@sydneyfashionkids - lifestyle, events, fashion and food blogger who has two cute daughters and 28,300 followers.

"Be a leader, find yourself and make a life with it. Those who judge you and try to force the patterns of their beliefs onto you are envious they haven't the strength in themselves to do the same", - says Yvonne.

@olka_gamolka - lifestyle blogger with a great sense of humour and the most sincere smile in the world! 37k followers.

"I am relatively new to Persollo but I have already had a successful experience of collaboration on this platform. I really like how easy the communication is here and that each brand has a purpose and goal they want to achieve with the help of influencers. The marketplace is easy to understand and really convenient for communication between influencers and brands. I do hope I will get more new opportunities to continue my positive experience with this platform", - says Olya.

@my3ratbagz3614 - stylist and creative mother of three. All together they have 9,000 followers.

"I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Persollo Services and have found then to be wonderful at answering questions promptly and very easy to comunicate with", - writes Sam about her experience with Persollo. - amazing Mom of two whose pics she prefers to post. She's got 17,200 followers.

@billie_grace - fashion, food and fun influencer and mom. 9.2 k followers

"I've been working with Persollo for the past few months and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands. Through the Marketplace I’ve been able to reach out to brands I feel would be a good fit for my account, and have also been recommended to brands by the Persollo team. The products I have tested from busineses such as Little Bliss and Sassy Organics have been high quality, beautiful products that were easy to endorse to my followers, and as such had great engagement and responses", - smiles Elisha. - content creator, business owner and mother. 5k followers.

"I’ve had a very good experience working with Persollo. The things that I’ve noticed about Persollo and that have stood out for me:• very responsive with communication• great rapport and ongoing relationship• very helpful and supporting with any queriesIt’s been very easy working with Persollo and I’m looking forward to keeping our working relationship growing!", - writes Jen.

@larissaemily - mommy and flatlay enthusiast. 5 k followers.

"If you don’t post a photo reminiscing on your holiday about a week after you return - then did you even go on holiday?", - thinks Larissa.

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