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Marketing Guide: Best Practices for 2018

Minding own business means everyday self-improvement and work 24/7. Being on the same wave with our clients as a B2B company, Persollo team always tries to be supportive and helpful. That is the main reason why we decided to write this short guide covering some cool "hacks" using lead generation and instant checkout.

No extra words, here are the key insights based on our experience:

1. Diversity in channels and content

Using just one channel of communication is not effective enough. Each social network has it's audience which differs by age, gender, profession. Think which networks are popular among your target audience and never be lazy to explore new platforms.

The same situation with using only pictures or only texts to reach out to your potential customers. Remember that each individual has a unique combination of interests, needs and wishes. To succeed you need to fit your content into emotional mixture of every consumer's "haves to", "don't cares" and "wants". Use photo, video, audio, infographics, and text to target prospects on their journey towards higher conversion.

2. The narrower your audience the better

Stop trying to square the circle! Leave aside all wishes to get all people's in the world attention and narrow your target market. Find the leads and accounts that will most likely result in a sale. As marketers say, Account Based Marketing allows for a more targeted approach to lead generation comparing to the traditional spray-marketing style. So don't wait and focus on those who like and use your product.

3. Combine marketing efforts

Sometimes it's better doing everything at once than step by step. Give your business a quality push using more than one marketing tool. As our practice shows, sales go better when clients combine instant checkouts in social media with "Shop Now" buttons on the website and polishing it with a campaign on "Try My Product" Marketplace. Also you can add Facebook adds, for example. Work to attract new leads with help of Persollo lead gen form while keeping in touch with the loyal customers you've already got.

4. Shorten sampling form

The length of your sampling (or lead generation) form impacts your conversion rates. Keep your lead gen form short, never add difficult or too personal questions. Then decide what information would be useful for you and your business. Research it by scanning the emails and optimise each field of the form to fit your specific audience. No one wants to fill out long forms with detailed information if all they are trying to do is sign up to get free product or sign up for your newsletter.

5. Use the data

Not only data from lead generation form helps you to built your marketing strategy but the data from analytic tools. Looking at the way your potential customer's going through your website can help you understand your ups and downs. Is your landing page good enough to draw the attention? Where are visitors stumbling and where are they spending most of their time? Which content is the most popular? What is their goal at each stage of their journey, and how does your site meet or exceed their needs? Answer these questions and use the received data.

6. Collaboration is a low-cost boost

Finding a partner and multiply your effort is a great and truly working marketing method. Look for somebody at the same level as you or a bit higher, with product which can be used with yours and suggest cooperation. Partner with social media influencers. Combining marketing strategies makes it easier to get your message and your product in front of new prospects. Organise giveaway, marathon, online event etc. and reach out to new people. "Try My Product" Marketplace is great place to start!

* * *

Hope you learned something new from our marketing insights. Keep in mind that a mix of two or more practices from this list will benefit your biz and get you closer to the ROI of your dream!

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