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"Shop Now" Button Benefits for Your Website

Talking about Instant Checkout technology we always mention how it works on social media. This time we decided to show one more powerful way of increasing sales with instant checkouts - embedding "Shop Now" buttons to blogs and websites.

Our clients, brands Good On You, Little Valley Farm and Clare Bernadette, tried out three different ways of using "Shop Now" button with Persollo instant checkout. Have a look how it worked and try yourself.

Instant Checkout from Blog

Ethical fashion brand Good On You decided to jump over social networks and added instant checkout button right away to their blog. Getting into details, guys from Good On You created an blogpost and added "Shop Now" buttons just inside the text below their images.

Using this so-called method of sandwich (text – button – text), they got their impulsive buyers into a trap with a double effect: the reader gets impressed by the content, and in that impulsive condition sees a picture with "Shop Now" button and purchases the product in a couple of seconds, avoiding that long way of multi-step shopping cart checkout and a chance to lose an impulse buyer.

Instant Checkout & Online Shop

The brand of organic fruit, veggies and alpaka fleece Little Valley Farm waved good bye shopping cart as well and chose Persollo instant checkout to place to their website, turning it into an online shop. Every product there has it's "Buy Here" button leading to the product instant checkouts. No complicated payment gateways, no investment in setting up an expensive e-commerce shops, no fuss.

Mixture of Website Shopping Cart and 1-click Technology

The promising young stationery brand Clare Bernadette keeps experimenting and uses both classical and modern ways of online selling. Both methods have place on the brand's website, in the shop section, where products have their own "Buy Product" buttons. Part of them works as a usual e-commerce checkout via shopping cart. Another part of the shop leads to Persollo instant checkouts. It's a good way to compare what's working best for your business and understand all the benefits of Persollo conversion-driven services.

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To see how instant checkout looks like click here.

To check out pricing click here.

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