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How does Persollo work for brands?

As a result-driven e-commerce and influencer marketing platform, Persollo is passionate about helping brands with their digital marketing and sales conversion. As more and more new businesses are joining the platform, we've put together another short guide how to use Persollo.

So, how to use Persollo platform? Easy! Here’s a step-by-step instructions! STEP 1: Register or log in to your Persollo profile; STEP 2: Depending on what you want to start with, choose the next step: a) If you want to create a Persollo boutique and get instant checkouts for your products, go to “My Store” —> “Products” —> “Add product”, where you can upload product images, add title, description, add price. Then click “Save it”. When finished, you’ll see the product in your Persollo profile. To post it to your social media or distribute through influencers, please choose the option “Share” under the image. Also before starting your instant sales with Persollo make sure you connected / created your Stripe account in “Home” —> “Connect bank account”. b) To create your own influencer marketing campaign, please go to “Try My Product” Marketplace —> click “Create the campaign” and follow the instructions you see or read them here. Keep in mind that Persollo marketplace is created for product exchange only, without paying money for posts, feedbacks or products. As per our "No Fee Per Post Policy" (NFPP) the brand sends their FREE product to the approved influencer/s. Only after receiving the product influencer/s create content and share their images & product reviews across their social media accounts.

Each time new influencer requests your product, you receive an email notification with the influencer details (email address and link to their profile with engagement rate and further stats). All the requests also land into your campaign dashboard in Persollo, where you can approve influencers. STEP 3: After approval, you should contact influencers and explain all the conditions of participation (quantity of posts you are after, what social networks, timing etc — all this should be already mentioned in your campaign brief). Also you need to discuss and arrange the product shipping. How to create a successful campaign read here. How partnership with influencers looks like see here.

See how to e-mail with influencers here.

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