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E-mailing Influencers: Useful Tips

When it comes to influencer marketing, communication is the key. When discussing your campaign with an influencer, communication typically goes in writing via emails. Here are some tips and an email template you can use when organising your influencer marketing campaign through Persollo.

Influencer applied for the campaign — what's next?

Firstly, write an e-mail letter to introduce yourself and your brand. Never rush when writing e-mails and follow simple etiquette rules. Say “Hello” and show that you are glad that influencer is interested in your product. Always use the name of a person — it helps to draw attention and shows your care and interest.

Secondly, explain the conditions of the campaign even if you've already did it in campaign brief in Persollo Marketplace. Keep it clear and short – not everybody has time to read long descriptions. Make sure you mentioned key moments – date when you want their post to go live, type of content (video/image), quantity of posts, social networks, post's description, mentions of your @accounts on social and, of course, shipping details.

More important moments you must pay attention to

1. Don't make your business waiting! Check your e-mail and try to answer within 24 hours, as your letter can loose it's relevance.

2. Track your stats (use Persollo analytics) and check analytical insights and statistics for influencers (influencer reach, engagement rate, likes and comments, and more detailed analytical insights into their Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter).

3. Depending on what your brand is, what style and character it has, you should follow your manner of communication. From our experience we'd say that writing very formal e-mails is old-school in almost all the cases. Try to be friendly! Choose the middle way.

4. Don't use difficult words and phrases in your e-mail. There's a high chance your letter will be read on the way somewhere or just during a short break. You need it to be understood and answered so make this goal reachable by getting rid of all the cliches and beautiful metaphors. Keep it short and concretise who you are, what you want and what needs to be done.

5. Always write the topic of your e-mail - you can't even imagine how important it is for search. The topic must be clear and simple so the busiest influencer could remember it and find again whenever he or she needs to. Also it shouldn't be just one word such as "Collaboration" or "Promotion". Write some more words to explain what is it exactly and how important it is, mention your brand name or product.

E-mail template

Hello <Name of influencer>!

I am <your name>, <your position or who you are> + <name of your business>. You might have heard about us in <article, event etc>. We truly believe in what we do and looking to connect with like-minded enthusiasts all over the Australia (any country you are interested in).

Thank you very much for expressing interest in our product through “Try My Product” Marketplace! I am happy to tell you that your participation is approved.

According to the campaign conditions, please create an image / video + <add details if you want something concrete – colour palette, you want people's being on that photo or it should be a flatlay>.

The caption should contain clickable mention of our social account <your brand's account name> and conditions of the product purchase we suggest for your followers – 15% discount when they purchase through your personalised persollo product link, included in your post <place the link lower>.

As for shipping, we are ready to send you the <name of a product> as soon as you send us your address.

By the way, your profile is impressive, absolutely stunning content! We look forward to working with you!

Best regards,

<your name>

<your brand's name>

* * *

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