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Product Update: Discount Feature

You asked us - we made it! We designed a new killer feature for your perfect campaign – discounts working via individual codes. Brand Sassy Organics tried it out for their Eco Tan campaign with 5 influencers on Instagram. Let's see how it works!

Brand Sassy Organics decided to upgrade their campaign on Persollo Marketplace and enjoyed using the new discount feature. Creating individual codes for the products with special price and generating sales through Persollo influencer community - created a completely new way of engaging with potential customers, who truly love discounts! Combined with instant checkout discount, influencer content has shown increase in sales conversion even more than our typical 3 times.

So how to set up discounts?

STEP 1: Register or log in to Persollo. Then look at the dashboard and find "Discounts". Click "Create discount" button on the upper right corner.

STEP 2: You'll see a form to be filled. Give your code a title (ex. Vanessa15; Hillary30 etc.). You can also use automatic code generation by clicking "Generate code" on the right.

Then choose a type of the discount – percentage, fixed amount or free shipping. Fill in the value of discount and set up the duration dates. Point out and mark the end date if needed. Finally, mark if this suggestion is limited and click "Save".

STEP 3: Feel free to give the code to your partner content-makers/influencers (use Persollo "Influencer Directory" to find influencers), so they share it with the followers and everybody who wish to buy can now enter that code in the instant checkout to get their special price.

Hope you love the discount feature – we worked hard to make digital sales easier for you! Subscribe to our Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch!

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To see how Persollo works for brands click here.

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To see pricing click here.

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