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TOP-9 Brands on Persollo Platform in July

July was full of new product updates, positive emotions and some amazing new clients. This month Persollo brand community grew much bigger with some amazing new fashion brands that signed up for instant checkout and influencer services. Check them out!

Chaotic Clothing is a new and unique brand of king size apparel on Persollo platform. The brand is totally aussie but in a while it will become international streetwear label of plus size. Chaotic Clothing specialise in making tees singlets, hoodies, muscle tanks, hats etc. Check out the whole range at their page.

Gingers + Providence Mens Store draw attention of any man with its high quality boots in its Persollo boutique. What is interesting, these guys share "One Stop Shop" concept and offer a lazy shopping option – unique mix of Men's clothing, footwear, accessories, grooming products, homewares at one place. But firstly, check out their great suede boots!

Sassy Organics is the one you already know – aussie health-conscious online store with an amazing range of organic vegan cosmetics. They always try Persollo new features so this month they enjoyed discount feature and higher conversion increase.

The Sleep Store is all about your baby's and your comfort sleep! They have a wonderful range of sleep garment and accessories including air humidifiers.

Dept. of Soul is a New Zealand brand of organic deodorants which smell like magic! All natural ingredients and stylish packaging drove all the clients crazy. Their campaign on "Try My Product" Marketplace made a great breakthrough for the brand online sales.

DIZINGOF is a true women fashion brand suggesting a wide range of clothing created by talented designers from Melbourne. If you're looking for the dress to die for – you must visit their Persollo boutique.

Beserk is also a new online store on Persollo delivering the best range of alternative clothing, cosmetics, hair dye, shoes, babies clothing and accessories. Also you can find there homewares! If you are brave enough to change your style, go have a look at their apparel.

Rare by Livkin is a New Zealand luxe skincare brand. It captures the essence and uniqueness of full of the energy of gemstones glacial clay and creates great mixture by adding Australian super extracts and pours it into the range of treatment masks.

Clare Bernadette attracts eyes of every stationery lover of every age. The brand calls it's customers wild-hearted and whimsical but we would say they're real connoisseurs of pens and paper.

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