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Case Study: Sassy Organics x Persollo

In this case study we'd like to share with you an amazing experience of online store Sassy Organics, using Persollo platform to promote its top range product Eco Tan.

Online shop Sassy Organics is a long-term Persollo brand partner who's enjoying our flagman services – instant checkout and "Try My Product" Marketplace.

After registering and creating their Persollo instant checkout boutique, Sassy Organics went for influencer marketing campaign and opened one on the Marketplace. The store wanted micro-influencers who have more than 10.000 followers to promote their vegan fake tan, made with natural & organic ingredients.

"Help us spread the word that natural products can work just as well (and even better) than supermarket products containing chemicals!", - said the boutique.

Influencers reacted with quick requests and after a while the collaborations were born. Beauty bloggers produced video reviews and published images displaying the beautiful bronze skin after using Eco Tan.

The content, influencers created based on their impression, included very popular and trending before/after pictures. Influencers included calls to action in their captions as well as individual promo-codes to discount. Instant checkout links to the Eco Tan were placed in clickable bio on the bloggers Instagram pages.

All together Persollo brought the store great content and amazing conversion!

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