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Product Update: Influencer Audience Insights

New super useful feature is now released on Persollo platform - Influencer Audience Insights, created to help brands find the right fit influencers for their campaigns. Influencer Audience Insights are available under Business Plan.

Influencer Audience Insights are an important type of data — part of an influencer’s Persollitics — that describes the demographic and psychographic characteristics of an influencer’s audience, giving brands a comprehensive picture of who they reach. This data helps to achieve the sales goals much faster.

You can see insights on each influencer you’ve found in Persollo Influencer Directory. Just choose the influencer and click “Audience Insights” below the name and contact details (straight near "Recent Posts" and "Profile Insights" tabs).

There you can find:

– Gender split

– Age split

– Global – countries of audience in different interfaces

– Cities the audience is located in and % of followers live there

– Popular topics and % of followers mentioned it

– Audience top hashtags

– Audience activity by hour

Influencer Audience Analytics is designed to save time, create only effective campaigns on “Try My Product” Marketplace and grow only trustworthy and result-driven partnerships on our platform.

To see pricing click here.

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