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Top-9 brands on Persollo platform in October

Meet and greet the new and well-known brands in this fresh Persollo Top-9!

Cinch is the popular skincare brand which philosophy is based on glowing healthy skin and saving time – what else modern woman can be dreaming about?

Amazing Oils is an Australian, family-run company from the Sunshine Coast. Their products are dedicated to helping Australians with natural health solutions.

NDK Watches is an Aussie brand striving to make the middle man standing out from the crowd and creating great stylish, affordable watches for every occasion.

Kalitheo jewellery is all about combination of modern day artistry, glamour and strength. Each piece created is just astonishing and serves as a symbolic reminder to the wearer, that they are in control of their destiny.

Coast Sydney Botanicals creates 100% plant powered skincare as well as natural perfume. No toxins are among the ingredients – just vitamins for good skin.

The Handbag Hanger cares about your home being tidy and suggests awesome range or different hangers to help you with finding a place for every purse, handbag, scarve you have.

Pearlbar is producing products to make your smile pearly white with help of only natural and eco-friendly ingredients such as charcoal and bamboo. Being extremely responsible and caring company, they donate products and profits to struggle plastic waste in the world ocean.

Remedy tonics are natural healthy drinks which not only created to indulge thirst but to boost the memory or digestion of the consumer. Having cumin, gingko, chilly inside they will definetly impress everyone by its rich and unusual taste.

Zoosh is an eyeliner designed to save your time when doing makeup. It's unique stamp won't leave any beauty goddess indifferent, believe us!

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