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5 minutes of truth with influencer – Jasmin

Meet another gorgeous Persoller who's ready to share some insights into being influential. Super mom and blogger from Melbourne – Jasmin 💚

Country: Australia

Followers: 10, 3k

Posts: ~2,283

Persollo: Describe yourself in 5 words

Jasmin: Fun, Loving, Creative, Softie and impatient.

P: Tell us shortly how did you start your way in the world of social?

J: I’ve been on Instagram for over 6 years it started. I think I started posting a lot more once we got our pet dog and had my first daughter Madison.

P: When did you realize that you have your tribe (kinda woke up famous)?

J: Probably when we started brand repping, three or so years ago we made great friendships. But really in the last year I've noticed we have really influenced some of our tribe with our reviews on products.

P: When did you have your 1st collaboration (paid or barter)? How many followers did you have back then?

J: First Collab was being sent out some toys from a pretty big P.R firm, my daughter was over the moon I know we had less than 3000 followers.

P: Your best and worst collaboration experiences and why (you don’t have to call the name of brand)

J: Best collabs would be working with amazing companies and brands, being able to build an amazing ongoing relationship. Worst would be when you have been in contact with a brand been back and forward with contact. They said they will send out the products and never receiving them, with you trying to follow up and for them to stop replying and not contacting you. I feel my time has been wasted and I can feel deflated.

P: Who makes photos for you? How do you edit your pictures?

J: I take all the photos myself and I edit using my photoshop on my phone. Would love to get more technical with Lightroom and presets.

P: You think pictures or captions are more important?

J: To be honest photos a bit more, Instagram is a visual tool so aesthetically you need to be attracted and captured to the image before you read the caption.

P: How do you cope with negative comments or critique on your social accounts?

J: I haven't really had negative comments from anyone yet, on my page. If so I would most likely block and delete. Critiquing is all part and parcel if a company/brand isn't happy with the image and has every right to ask for a re shoot then I'm more than happy too till we can work on that perfect picture.

P: How to become an influencer — your personal recipe, given the hot new social trends.

J: You need to have a passion for taking photos, to be creative and push your boundaries when creating content.

Be willing to put in the time and effort, it does take a big chunk of your time out. If your willing to work and put the hard hours, not only from the creating side but also with the engaging other accounts to become apart of a community.

Showing love for these brands that you love and support.

Stay tuned😊

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