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TOP- 8 Influencers on Persollo Platform in March

March was full of great campaigns, creative energy, and gorgeous new influencers.

Please welcome our top 8 influencers and read their short review about collaboration with Persollo!💚

@nolan_and_us - content creator and cool mom from Melbourne. 11, 8k followers.

"I have been working with Persollo for Amazing Oils this month and absolutely loved it! Persollo has been super quick at answering question and my products arrived in no time. It’s such a professional service and I can’t wait to work with more brands in future!", - writes Alex.

sydney_styleblogger - amazing fashion influencer and mother of three! All together they have 6,760 followers.

"A great platform to connect with brands and build a network supporting businesses of your choosing. Persollo gives you autonomy over your collaborations keeping your content authentic", - says Dee.

@styleandlifebysusana - beautiful style & skincare influencer from Geelong. 45, 3k followers.

"I have found Persollo a great company to be connected to. Its simple, easy and amazing selection of brands. I have had great working relationship with the brands I have had the honour of working for, and can’t wait for the next adventure!"? - writes Susana about her experience with Persollo.

@earthslittletreasures - lifestyle, beauty, fashion + food blogger who has two adorable kids and 5,944 followers.

"Persollo has been lovely to collaborate with. It’s reliable and really easy to use and they always get back to you. I have enjoyed working with some really great brands", - thinks Jenna.

@positivejojo - creative influencer and and just a gorgeous young woman. She has 17,1k followers.

"So happy with using Persollo, I’ve managed to connect and collaborate with some amazing Aussie brands and can’t wait to use the platform more to grow my account", - says JoJo.

@mamastavey - beautiful blogger and inspiring boy mum from Melbourne. 11k followers.

"Persollo has been an amazing platform to bring brands (big or small) and influencers together. Every campaign I have done has run very smoothly, with the opportunity to create content in my own style allowing me to be 100% genuine about the products in reviewing", - shared Stavey.

@life.with.a.little - content creator and beautiful mom. 5, 046 followers.

"Working with Persollo is just so easy and straightforward. Being able to see the clear brief before requesting to part of the campaign ensures that I know what is required of me and what is to be achieved. The best part is being able to work with new brands as well as trusted brands on the same platform. The brands I have worked with were easy to deal with and I really enjoyed collaborating with them", - told Camille. - gorgeous influencer and content creator from Melbourne.


"I’ve loved using Persollo to find new brands and products to collaborate with. My most recent collaboration was with @amazingoilsmagnesium Communication was fantastic and I found that expectations with the collaboration from both the brand and Persollo very clear. I love that I found a product that I not only could test and review, it’s a product that works and I will continue to use in the future. Thanks Persollo!", - says Mel.

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