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Good Campaign Brief: What to Include?

When you’re ready to roll with your influencer marketing campaign, one of the first things you start with is - the detailed, clear and concise campaign brief.

Persollo team created a quick checklist of the information a good campaign brief on Persollo Marketplace includes.

1. Brand Statement. Introduce your brand - in one sentence describe when founded, size, location, services, and products. You can also include your brand values, and how you want to be perceived.

2. Main Campaign Objectives. What do you want to achieve with this campaign. For instance, are you going for general brand awareness, promoting a product or service, increasing sales conversion from social media, creating high quality content, or, maybe you are launching a product with a giveaway. Be specific about your campaign objective.

3. Target Audience. Who do you want to target with your campaign. Describe your target audience in detail. Provide information on their buying habits, wants and needs.

4. Social Media Channels. Choose the main social media channels for your influencer campaign. It can be Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, blog or something else.

5. Clear Deliverables & Call to Action. This is where you outline what the influencer need to do. List the kind of content you need, such as posts, videos, images, or tweets. And how many pieces of content you need influencers to produce. Also, please identify the specific tags, hashtags, URLs or promo codes that you want influencers to include in their posts. Tell your target audience what to do (call to action). If you can give them a definite reason for immediate action, such as “Request yours today”, “Apply now”, “Check this out” or “Click for more” so much the better.

6. Timings. Define the important dates and deadlines so influencers can plan their schedules. Provide all the details that they need to take into account before the content goes live.

Remember, good campaign brief can minimize the opportunity for misinterpretation and maximize deliver on your expectations!

Good campaign briefs examples landed on Persollo Marketplace

Amazing Oils Campaign Brief

NDK Watch Campaign Brief

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