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Tutorial for Brands | How to Set up and Run Affiliate Campaigns

Persollo platform is designed to help create and run your own affiliate campaigns in minutes, and reward, track & incentivise your affiliates/influencers with a commission per success sale.

Here is a brief guide on how to start running affiliate campaigns on Persollo platform. Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Log in to your existing Persollo account or Sign up with Persollo.

STEP 2: Create ecommerce link for the product you want to offer under affiliate program. To create ecommerce link (instant checkout) please choose “Products” under “My store”, then click "Add product" and add product title, description, upload product images.

STEP 3: Choose "Customizations", then "Affiliate" and set up commission reward (in %) that will go to your influencers per each successful sale. Then click "Next".

STEP 4: Success! You have listed your product for sale. It means your product lands to Persollo Affiliate Marketplace where affiliates/influencers choose products to promote and earn a commission per success sale.

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