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Tutorial for Influencers | How to Earn Commission as an Affiliate

Persollo “Affiliates” is designed to help brands run affiliate campaigns and reward their affiliates/influencers with a commission per success sale.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start selling products as an affiliate/influencer on Persollo platform and earn % commission from sales.

STEP 1: Sign up with Persollo in order to become an affiliate & earn commission from sales.

STEP 2: Connect your bank account to receive $ commission (straight into the nominated bank account).

The system will ask to connect your Stripe. If you don't have Stripe - we automatically generate a request on your behalf and you receive an email with activation details - it takes 3 minutes maximum.


Here you can find the trending affiliate offers. To help you navigate various affiliate offers, there’s a filter to find the highest affiliate commission (%) & ($) and the type of the product on offer (e-commerce products or lead generation/sampling offer).

STEP 4: Choose the product you like to sell and click "CREATE LINK" to generate your individual affiliate link with tracking and analytics.

STEP 5: Copy your individual link and share it on your social media (Facebook, Instagram - link in bio, swipe up from stories and in post caption), add to your blog or Youtube video. Your commission rewards on success sale go instantly into your nominated bank account at the moment of success sale.

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