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Big News! Announcing Social Media Post Analyzer

Big news here! We are very excited to announce the world's 1st Social Media Post Analyzer powered by AI.

In-house developed machine-learning algorithms allow our Social Media Post Analyzer to see in-depth insights for any social media post, either pre-campaign or post campaign.

Now you can access the post insights in one tap via the post URL (link). No integration to the influencer's account is required. Generate reports and share them with your team and clients, including:

  • Engagement metrics

  • Brand Safety Metrics (includes high, medium low ranking for adult content, medical, racy, spam or spoof content, image uniqueness, violence, inappropriate words, objects)

  • Sentiment analysis of post caption

  • Sentiment analysis of comments

  • Extracted post text & hashtags

  • Similar images from web

  • Extracted image colours/mood board

Example Report

When you analyze Instagram post, not only do you get Post Analytics, you also get Influencer Audience Analytics.

Using the most advanced AI-powered influencer analytics system, you can also:

  • Check influencer’s authentic Engagement Rate (ER)

  • Compare ER with influencers with similar follower numbers

  • Check the quality of influencer audience (detect mass, bots and suspicious followers)

  • Explore the demographic, psychographic characteristics of the influencer audience (by country, by global market, by city, by gender, by hashtags, by activity hours)

  • Check the follower growth

Example Report

How It Works:

  • Step 1: Join the platform

  • Step 2: Copy Instagram link of the post you want to analyse

  • Step 3: Paste the link into “Post Analyzer” and click “Discover Insights”

  • Step 4: Enjoy all the data!

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