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TOP- 9 Influencers on Persollo Platform in June

Last months our platform was booming with new signups from amazing talent wanting to try and review new brand products!💥

Please welcome our top 9 influencers in June!💚

@mummywith5 - amazing influencer and mother of five! 7,5k followers.

"I am a busy Mumma to 5 kids with a passion for fashion, family and photography. I love trying new products for myself and my family that can enhance our lives and to then share them creatively through photography and honest reviews. I have found Persollo a fantastic site to discover new products and trial them! So many products that suit myself and my family to choose from and the Marketplace is so easy to use. I highly recommend Persollo to other influences"

@taba_tribe - lifestyle influencer and product stylist from Sydney. 12,2k followers.

"Such a great variety of products within the campaigns, receiving my products was smooth transaction and all people I have dealt with have been so lovely and helpful"

@sincerely.manasi - lifestyle, beauty influencer and cool mum based in Sydney. 17,1k followers.

"I've recently joined Persollo to collaborate with brands. The platform is very easy to navigate and the communication is easy & seamless. Any issue, it's resolved immediately. My most recent collaboration was with Coast Sydney Botanicals & I found that the message were clear and concise from both brand and Persollo. Moreover, the products from brands enlisted on Persollo are good quality. Thanks for the quality collabs Persollo!"

@theblackelegance - product stylist, content creator, and traveler. She has 10,1k followers.

"I've just recently joined Persollo and within a short period, had the opportunity to work on two campaigns. It's such a great platform connecting various brands that would like to showcase their products to influencers far and wide. The individualised campaign briefs are so clear and concise and communications is exceptional. What i really love is I get to trial and test different products and get to share my honest reviews"

@keeping.up.with.mumma.jones - beautiful content creator and photo taker, who has 4,2k followers.

"I've loved working with Persollo.

The platform is great way to connect with brands you really love. The collaborations I've done have been very professionally handled and in looking forward to doing more!"

@2hearts_1love - gourgeous talent from Perth, who has 10,5k followers.

"I have recently signed up with Persollo and i have loved it. I was helped with signing up and found the campaigns easy to apply for. I recently work with Amazing Oils and the whole process from applying to posting was super easy. I have been able to find some new amazing brands which I have fallen in love with and I cannot wait to find some more brands to work with. Thanks so much Persollo!"

@ourlensinfocus - beautiful blogger and content creator from Queensland. She has 10,5k followers.

"With the help of Persollo I am able to get in direct contact with brands and work on content marketing designed for and by the brand. Persollo gives both the influencer and the brand a structured platform to work with so everyone is on the same page with what is required and what deadlines to work towards. I have had such a positive experience working with Persollo and have been able to work with brands and products i am passionate about"

@trend_tracker_kk - amazing influencer and makeup artist from Sydney. 6,3k followers.

"Since I have joined Persollo I have had nothing but positive interactions with them, They offer some great campaigns and are always so eager to help with anything you may need. I feel really happy to be a part of their community & I'am excited to collaborate with them further in the future!" - beautiful Sydney- based talent, who has 8,2k followers.

"Persollo is a great way to connect influencers with brands, I was able to quickly browse available collaborations and apply directly to try out their products. The products arrived to my door. Thank you for sharing a range of new and exciting products to try out!"

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