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What Is Sentiment Analysis And How To Do It With Persollo?

It is very important for brands to listen closely to what is being said about their product or services online. And even more important to know whether the talk is negative or positive or even neutral. Sentiment analysis can help to discover your audience's feelings.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is one of the main influencer marketing metrics that provide the insights necessary to assess your influencer marketing performance.

Example of positive sentiment:

Example of negative sentiment:

Here some of the most important sentiment analysis benefits:

  • Tracking your brand reputation across social media.

You get audience insights about your brand and understand what steps you need to take to enhance your brand image.

  • Gaining deep insights into customer.

Sentiment analysis allows you to get a deeper understanding of consumer needs, purchasing decisions, motivations and expectations. Knowing how your audience feels about your brand is vital to building long-term and loyalty customer relationships.

  • Developing a more perceptive, sentiment data-based marketing strategy.

Sentiment analysis will give you great data (about customers engagement, feel, competitive insights and etc.) based on which you can adjust your strategy even better and faster.

  • Preventing future crises.

Crisis might stem from your products or services bad quality, unacceptable customer service, or other issues. Sentiment analysis allows you to detect negative tone messages and discussions early on, you're able to spot the potential risks and take measures to stop it before it's too late.

Try sentiment analysis yourself and see what benefits it will bring to your brand!

How to do Sentiment Analysis with Persollo?

You can monitor and analyze the sentiment (of post caption and of comments) and emotions of your audience with our Social Media Post Analyzer.

Persollo sentiment analysis includes two indicators:

1. Estimation of caption (post text) and estimation of comments.

High Green is super positive and High Red is super negative. It means you can get a visual sentiment breakdown of your caption and comments, get an in-depth insight into your audience's' feelings and emotions for every post.

2. Strength of emotions.

Indications of strength of emotions (both negative and positive) within the given caption (post text) or comments between 0 and infinity. When strength of emotions is low (close to 0), it means that emotions are neutral, not super positive and not super negative. When strength of emotions is high, caption (post text) or comments is super positive or super negative, not neutral.

You can use these insights (sort posts by positive, negative, and neutral sentiment) to create the right social media content and boost your customer engagement.

So, are you interested in how our automated sentiment analysis performs?

Step 1: Join the platform. Sign up here Step 2: Copy Instagram link of the post you want to analyze

Step 3: Paste the link into “Post Analyzer” and click “Discover Insights”

Step 4: Enjoy the sentiment data!

Now you сan analyze each and every social media post, influencer campaign or product launch in one click, compare their results, and monitor sentiment evolution over time.

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