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How to search influencers with Persollo Directory?

Looking for the right influencers for your brand or specific campaign? Find the influencers you need with our super feature Influencer Directory 61,000+ influencers globally 👌🏻💚

Persollo Influencer Directory 61,000+ is an easy-to-use tool, that helps agencies and brands find relevant, suitable Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter bloggers and influencers.

When you sign up, select which countries and category of influencer you’re interested in, such as fashion, beauty, travel, sport, food, or other.. over 20+ categories!

In addition, you can narrow your search to a number of followers influencers.

Also, you can bookmark those influencer profile you like and return to them later. You can also easily invite an unlimited number of influencers to your campaigns.

How to start searching Persollo Directory? It's super easy!

1. Open the "Campaigns" tab on the left toolbar and Click "Influencer Directory".

2. Tap "Filter" on top right to select influencers by countries, followers, categories, countries, different social media сhannels.

At the end of the search results will align with specified criteria so you can start reviewing the influencers, their content and whether they are suitable for the campaign.

Also, you can see all the analytics data of any influencer, you found. You can check their audiences, engagement rate, fake/bot followers, quality audience calculation, brand safety metrics and much more. This data is essential to audit influencers before partnering and helps you find the best fit influencer for your campaign.

Here is example report on one of influencer👉

Influencers are growing increasingly valuable to brands, so such tool like Influencer Directory can help you save your time and forces.

Sign up here to search Influencer Directory right now!

Influencer Directory is available only under Business Plan.

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