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5 Minutes of Truth with Melissa

Meet and greet another gorgeous persoller @ourlensinfocus who's ready to share some insights and tips about being influential💚

Country: Australia

Followers: 9K +

Posts: 303 +

Persollo: Describe yourself in 5 words

Melissa: Organised, motivated, driven.

P: Tell us shortly how did you start your way in the world of social?

M: I was coming to the end of my pregnancy and really enjoyed preparing the nursery and thought I would start sharing my bargain deals and diy attempts.

P: When did you realize that you have your tribe (kinda woke up famous)?

M: When I realised that I’ve made friends on Instagram and we support each other, through rough mum moments or celebrations. We care about each other and will check in to make sure the other one is doing ok.

P: When did you have your 1st collaboration (paid or barter)? How many followers did you have back then?

M: Not many at all but I connected with a lovely business making nursery decor and they sent me some pieces to match the theme i was creating.

P: Your best and worst collaboration experiences and why (you don’t have to call the name of brand)

M: I really have worked with some amazing brands and can’t recall a bad experience. For me if a product isn’t looking right or the packaging is really shiny and hard to photograph it can become a harder task getting the shot right. I enjoy some space to get creative and not be too strict with boundaries.

P: Who makes photos for you? How do you edit your pictures?

M: I generally attempt the self-timer if I am in it or my husband. I use Lightroom and have saved presets.

P: You think pictures or captions are more important?

M: I think pictures are what draws people in but captions are what makes you relatable and how you express the truth (behind the smile).

P: How do you cope with negative comments or critique on your social accounts?

M: You can’t take it personally, we are in an easily offended society and social media is a platform to be a keyboard warrior with no consequences.

P: How to become an influencer — your personal recipe, given the hot new social trends.

M: Good quality photos and not being afraid to share the ups and downs of whatever your story is (someone out there relates to it).

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