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4 Influencer Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them with Persollo

Influencer marketing can be a perfect low-cost way of improving brand awareness, increasing sales conversion from social media, and building a quality customer-seller relationship, but only if it’s done right!

There are 4 huge influencer marketing mistakes, that lots of brands struggle with and these can lead to failing results and lowered ROI. Persollo team detected these mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Mistake #1 Having Bad Influencer Marketing Strategy. Very often, brands do not see expected results because of their trivial, outdated, unfit influencer marketing strategies.
How to avoid: If you don’t want your brand to lose money and reputation, you should create an effective marketing strategy that includes an action plan and clearly defined goals, describes all types of content and defining your social media brand tone of voice. Read more on our blog about what kick-ass influencer marketing strategy should be.

Mistake #2 Choosing Influencers That Don’t Fit Your Brand. A lot of marketers still wrongly believe that the best thing they can do is to collaborate with the most popular influencers and celebrities. But the truth is if you want to get fantastic results for your brand, generate the highest engagement possible, you should collaborate only with relevant influencers in your niche.

How to avoid: If you want to avoid this mistake in influencer marketing and save your time and budget try the Persollo tool “Influencer Directory” of 65,000+ Influencers. It will allow you to discover the best social leaders, bloggers, сontent creators for your brand and select them by countries, followers, categories, countries, different social media сhannels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). With “Influencer Directory” you also can check all the analytics data of any influencer like main audiences, engagement rate, fake/bot followers, quality audience calculation, brand safety metrics, and others.

Mistake #3 Not Having A Clear Campaign Brief. With a detail, clear and concise campaign brief, you will be able to achieve higher results in influencer marketing. If you don’t effectively communicate what you require (clear deliverables), the style and message might not be correctly interpreted by the influencer.

How to avoid: This is a common mistake, but one that’s very easy to avoid. Just read on Persollo platform about what good campaign brief needs to include.

Mistake #4 Not Keeping Track of Results and Missing Out On Analytics. This is the main part of an influencer marketing campaign! In order to move your influencer marketing campaign forward, and to learn what is working and what isn’t, you need to constantly сheck the key stats and influencer metrics. It will help you to understand how much money you should invest to get the results you expect.

Keeping these mistakes in mind when considering trying influencer marketing to boost your business and ensure that you see the best results possible!

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