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STUDY: Virtual influencers showing the highest ER comparing to “real” bloggers!

The influencer marketing industry is changing day by day - for example, more and more top brands like Dior, Coach, Balenciaga, Samsung, Renault and etc choose to collaborate with virtual influencers. To get insights into their popularity and authentic engagement rate - Persollo team created a new study - gathered and analysed worldwide 9 respected virtual faces on Instagram (with different fan counts/gender/country).

Persollo analysed their social media accounts using Post/Audience Analyzer. And we wanted to know their engagement rate (ER) compared to top "real" bloggers (with the similar followers counts/gender/country).

What is virtual identity?

Virtual influencer is a computer-generated (CG) personality who has realistic characteristics, and designed to attract social media followers and ‘likes’.

The main insight:

Сomputer-generated (CG) influencers now have 2 times higher engagement rate than the "real" influencers. So, we can affirm that the audiences are more engaged with virtual influencers' content.

CG influencers to go mainstream in 2020. So, data of this study is vital for brands to help invest in partnerships with the right virtual influencers to more successfully promote product or service.

How to Calculate Virtual Influencer’s Engagement Rate?

Try Persollo social media Post Analyzer. We help you with very advanced analytics to audit virtual faces (CG influencers) before partnering and analysing their ER and much more (Audience Quality Score (AQS), the demographic, psychographic characteristics of their audience (Audience of Value, Geography, Age, Gender, Hashtags, Brand Safety Index etc).

You can jump here to analyse any virtual influencers Instagram account:

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