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Case Study: HYLAND x Persollo

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Persollo Product:

  • AI-powered Post/Audience Analyzer (for influencer pre-campaign audit).


HYLAND is an Australian full-service communications agency, that provides fully integrated solutions and expertise covering the full spectrum of marketing communication (including influencer marketing).


HYLAND Agency got these challenges:

  • Need for high quality analytics tool for influencer audit (get really detailed report on any influencer and their post);

  • Need to analyse and optimise for audience of value metric (check influencer's quality audience).


HYLAND Agency uses Persollo Analytics for analysing influencer social media accounts to get essential Post and Audience Insights, that is generated through AI-powered Social Media Analyser.

These insights allow HYLAND to view information, demographics, psychographic characteristics, check Audience Quality Score (AQS), Check authentic Engagement Rate (ER) and compare ER with influencers with similar follower numbers, and learn how to target audiences (by country and by gender and age) for the optimal result and much more.

Together with HYLAND Persollo created an Audience of Value (AoV) Calculator for each influencer & CPM, that shows the quality followers of an influencer by geographic location that can take meaningful action from seeing influencer posts, sponsored content.

The Audience of Value (AoV) comprises real people - active & quality followers. It removes bots, inactive, fake or bought followers from the analysis to ensure costs are evaluated against who is valuable. It helped HYLAND compare the results of working with a given influencer with the valuable data associated with their profile and run cool and effective campaigns and work with the right influencers who will reach the campaign objective.

"Persollo enables us to swiftly access any influencer profiles we wish to explore. This allows us to have further visibility on their insights when making talent decisions. Having this information means that our recommendations to clients complements our values of transparency and insight around highlighting the most effective influencer audiences. The investment made with Persollo means we can continue to keep up to date real-time insights making the investment invaluable. Persollo team is also very attentive to any feedback to ensure the platform best delivers to what we need."

Maryam Esfahani, the Senior Communications Manager, HYLAND Agency

Example Report of Influencer Audit

With Ai-Powered Post Analyser


As a result, Persollo Analytics made it efficient to analyze HYLAND Agency partnerships with influencers on a global scale and made all metrics work best for them.

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