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STUDY: Canadian influencers perform higher engagement rates comparing to Australia, US, Italy and Fr

A lot of brands have taken influencer engagement rates as the primary measure of the success of influencer marketing campaigns. And they want to know what bloggers from which country have the highest engagement rate (ER) now?

Persollo has compiled a new study and analysed 125 influencers with fan counts between 200k and 1M from 5 countries (Australia, United States, Сanada, Italy and France) and we would like to share with you our insights.

We analysed influencer accounts from these countries using Persollo AI-powered Analytics.

The first of which is very important:

More than 45 % Canadian influencers have a high engagement!

According to our study, 45,2% of Canadian influencers have a high engagement rate. This means that they have a knit-tide audience and a deep connection with them. So, a larger percentage of them are likely to take action whenever that influencer recommends a product or service.

Insights By Other Countries:

Engagement rate of Australian influencers. We defined that many of the most followed Australian bloggers 35% have a high engagement rate. Their content is usually high-quality and inspirational, and they have a good connection with authentic audience.

Engagement rate of Italian influencers. Analysing Instagram accounts of Italian bloggers, we found that 22% of them have a high engagement rate. They have a lower influence compared with bloggers from the countries above.

Engagement rate of influencers from the United States. 16% of the most followed influencers in the US (those with follower counts between 200k and 1m) have a high engagement rate. They have a good reach but low trust.

Engagement rate of French influencers. Only 10,2% content creators in France have a high engagement rate. Their relationships with their audience are more distant compared to bloggers from other countries.

This study results are important for brands to help measure the effectiveness of influencer actions and decide whether the influencer in a given country will deliver a return on investment, as it signifies how responsive their audience is to their content.

So, if you want successfully and quickly promote your product or service - Canadian influencer is a perfect fit now!

How to Calculate an Influencer’s Engagement Rate in 2020?

Use Persollo AI-Powered Analytics.

You can calculate influencer's engagement rate (by single post and also check all engagement data for any Instagram account) and you can also analyze it and compare it with other bloggers with the same size of following. Based on the output of Persollo unsupervised machine learning algorithms, each engagement rate is assigned into a Very Low, Low, Medium, High and Very High group.

Persollo gives you all the needful data to ensure you're only working with the best in influencer marketing space!

To check any influencer engagement rate go here:

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