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Israel’s SHARE Media Chooses Persollo Al-powered Social Media Analytics

Israel’s leading influencer marketing agency SHARE chooses AI powered Post/Audience Analyzer by Persollo for influencer pre-campaign audit.

SHARE is a full-service influencer marketing agency which manages 60% of the influencer-based advertising campaigns in Israel. They started like a project called “SHARE” back in 2014, recognizing the need for creative solutions and adaptations in advertising for social media, especially in the field of influencers. Now they are the largest social media advertising agency in Tel-Aviv (Israel) and operate campaigns in Europe, the UK, and the US. They advertise for global brands like LG, Nespresso, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Logitech, PayPal, Puma, Domino's Pizza and work with thousands of influencers all over the world.

We spoke to Matan Ma-ahavti, Founder & CO Chairman of SHARE, who established himself as one of the leading experts in influencer marketing, building unique partnerships with brands and influencers around the globe. Matan told us how SHARE measures and produces meaningful results to their clients globally with the Persollo Analytics.

What are the biggest challenges associated with influencer marketing for the SHARE team?

One of the biggest challenges for us is tracking the real-time campaign results, so we can improve the content and results on the go. We also need to be able to forecast the results of the partnerships with relevant targeted influencers (get really detailed reports on any bloggers/content creators/thought leaders). Using Persollo Analytics, we can do all of these things.

How has your experience been using Persollo Analytics?

Persollo Analytics helps us to collect very precise influencer data on scale. It gives us a big innovative advantage over our competitors. It is particularly important for agency of our scale as we work across different countries with diverse influencer marketing campaigns and budgets. Moreover, effectiveness and transparency is a key deliverable with our clients globally when it comes to working with influencers and planning a campaign. With Persollo Analytics we get advanced and essential insights to audit influencers before partnering (post insights, profile insights and audience insights). Persollo provides lots of different metrics and scores, giving us a detailed understanding of who we’re dealing with. Also, we like the visual data - including colour tags for mood boards, country flags for the audience locations and much more. By the way, Persollo team also has been very proactive in their support from start to end.

What results have SHARE already achieved using Post/Audience Analyzer?

We became more efficient in analysing influencers on a global scale and are doing it in real-time. Persollo analytics helps us to run successful campaigns and work with the right influencers who reach the campaign objective. It's also a good key in marketing our service and answering a big demand.

If you also want to try Persollo Al-powered Social Media Analytics for influencer audit and post-campaign reporting, we are always here happy to help! Reach out to for demo!

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