The outbreak of Coronavirus and influencer marketing

In this challenging time influencer marketing still matters. Influencers aren't going anywhere, but now brands will need to adjust how they work with them; revise business strategies and develop new soft communication approaches with customers.

Here are some ideas on how brands can handle influencer marketing during this challenging times.

1. Post valuable brand information on social media.

More than ever, people use their smartphones. Share your brand’s message that you care for your customers, and these are the ways your customers can now have access to your services or products while staying safe. Share useful tips/thoughts/ideas on staying safe and efficiently looking after your health, beauty, finance and etc during the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, beauty brand Lush made reference to personal hygiene vigilance with their recent hand-washing campaign.

2. Create more tight-knit relationships with influencers.

During this time of crisis, relevant content from influencers will be even more impactful. Because people are concerned and need an emotional connection with someone they trust and follow, right now. Engaging with the right influencers to talk about your product or service and how they keep help this time is a good way to stimulate sales.

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3. Make your customers' lives more entertaining.

You need to quickly understand and adapt the changing needs, lifestyle priorities and emotional state of mind of your clients. Show to clients that they can still have a great, useful and funny time at home.

For instance, Nike has been posting at home workout videos on TikTok.

4. Be helpful and socially responsible.

Offer initiatives/ suggestions/social media campaigns that could help.

For example luxury perfume makers Dior and Givenchy will produce branded free hand sanitisers for French health authorities. And in Italy was created #IStayHome social media marketing campaign. You can do something like that on your hyper-local level.

5. Plane online events.

Today, with the coronavirus prompting event cancellations, online events have never been more timely. Think about how you can engage your audience through a virtual event (use live streaming, video conference and etc).

For instance, brand Absolut Vodka launched a one off live-stream event “Absolute Night” using a video sharing app in China.

Keep these ideas in mind and spend this time as effectively as possible for customers to get the most value from your product or service. You'll win their loyalty and when normal life resumes it stay with your brand.

Finally, from our Persollo team wishes - please stay safe, take care of each other and spread confidence. And keep using social media! :)

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