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What does Coronavirus mean for influencer marketing?

Nowadays the influencer ecosystem is changing. In this blogpost, we’re diving into the details and discussing what does Coronavirus mean for influencer marketing.

Here are some insights we would like to share with you.

Fitness and food influencers in high demand. One of the first groups of influencers who is in high demand in this time of isolation are fitness bloggers. First, all want to be in good form after the quarantine. Second, this is really a great time to stick to fitness goals! For instance, a lot of famous fitness bloggers (like @Yoga_girl) posting daily a home workouts with movement instructions to their stories and posts.

Also, right now restaurants are looking for any way to promote their pivots to takeout and delivery in the hopes of staying alive until they can fully reopen. So, some deliver free meals in exchange for posts on Instagram or other social media channels, hoping that the resulting Instagram photos by food bloggers would appeal to thousands of potential new customers. Great example, popular LA-based Instagram account @HangryDiary.

By the way, if you a looking for influencers to promote your food brand - use Persollo "Influencer Discovery" of 160,000+ influencers globally. You can search, filter and evaluate profiles across different social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube). Also, with Post/Audience Analyzer you can audit influencers for the quality of their audience, their engagement and compare them with similar bloggers, and also explore the demographic characteristics of influencers' audience.

The rise of TikTok. Users turning to TikTok app to ease their anxiety over the coronavirus. Right now, Instagram is the place people remind you to stay inside, Twitter is full of bad news and sharp commentary, and TikTok is the place that keeps you laughing through sad days. TikTok helps to replace the feelings of anxiety and loneliness with humour and fun.

Brands finding a way to add value. In this time of crisis, brands think of how they can be helpful and how to find unique ways to provide value. Also, brands check their content to be sure that they are in-tune with what’s pertinent. For instance, LVMH group is creating hand sanitizer. Tesla has offered to start producing ventilators for hospitals. A bridal company, Pronovias is providing free wedding dresses for engaged women who work in hospitals.

Governments partnering with top influencers and celebrities.Such partnerships makes sense, because a lot of people still are not taking this pandemic seriously enough. Moreover, misinformation is spread during times like this very fast. A lot of fool information around COVID-19 is circulating online, including false cures and preventative measures (like gargling saltwater and etc.). Also, a lot of hoaxers have taken to imitating official health channels with their fake information. The USA and UK governments have already partnered with influencers to help spread important information about the COVID-19, and counter harmful misinformation being shared online.

Keep an eye on these insights, not to miss out on crucial details that could take you or your business to a higher level in this challenging time.

Please protect yourself, stay safe and stay tuned with Persollo!

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