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4 Metrics To Check Before Choosing An Influencer in 2020

The process of choosing an influencer is very demanding, and in order to have an effective marketing campaign you need to make sure the influencer has great metrics. In this blogpost, we will talk about the 4 key metrics that will help you make the right decision.

1. Engagement Rate

Engagement metric helps you to measure the effectiveness of influencer actions and better understand how their audience engages with their content (across different social media platforms). Engagement metric can include a variety of actions: likes, comments, views, shares, clicks etc.

How to check his influencer marketing metric:

For this purpose, you can go to Post/Audience Analyzer and check how individual posts are doing on social media. All you have to do is enter the post URL you need to analyze and see its level of engagement. Each engagement rate is assigned into Very Low, Low, Medium, High and Very High group. It allows you easily compare engagement rate of any influencers that you are tracking.

2. Audience Quality Score

Audience Quality Score is a 1 to 100 metric, which combines audience quality, engagement rate and its authenticity into one metric. This means that the higher the value, the better this metric is. Of course this metric can change in the future, as the blogger could post more attractive content for their followers or do a collaboration with a popular brand. AQS metric shows to brands, agencies and followers that influencer has authentically engaged real people in their audience.

How to follow the influencer marketing metric:

Persollo's Post/Audience Analyzer gives you insight into the authenticity of the blogger followers or on the audience of any influencer you wanna check. The Instagram profile handle or a post URL (link) is all you need!

3. Branded posts

'Brand mentions' metric can give you an idea of the types of brands bloggers usually mention or worked with, and if they are aligned with your brand, the values and goals you want the influencers to share with their audience.

How to check the influencer marketing metric:

With Post/Audience Analyzer you can check any Instagram account for the different brands that were mentioned in its posts; you can see how many times the brand was mentioned and also the engagement rate of the post that mentioned the brand.

4. Cost per post

Before knowing if the blogger is a right fit for your brand, you might want to check the estimated cost of a promotional post. Depending on how many followers or the engagement they have, this value goes up or down. It also varies in each industry, as well as the country they are from, and on the type of content.

How to check the influencer marketing metric:

With Persollo Audience of Value (AoV) Calculator you can run super effective campaigns and work with the right influencers who will reach your campaign objective.

If influencer posts are paid, you need only add cost per post for the analyzed influencer to check the CPM for their AoV. AoV Calculator ensures the costs are evaluated against who is valuable. The averages that you can see with AoV Calculator, are for the last 12 posts, so it gets updated.

Analyze these metrics if you want to roll out the most effective, creative and successful influencer marketing campaigns and work with credible influencers.

Feel free to share your opinion on working with influencers and what metric helps you to select your ideal influencers.

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