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5 Minutes of Truth with Monika

Let’s get to know Our beautiful lifestyle influencer from Sydney💚

We got the scoop on how she manages her influencer life, creates amazing content and honest reviews!


Country: Australia, Sydney

Followers: 17,1k +

Posts: 1602+

Engagement Rate: 4, 27% (Medium)

Audience Quality Score: 71 (Very Good)

Image Brand Safety Index: 75% (Safe)

Persollo: Describe yourself in 5 words​

Monika: Busy, tired, punctual, outspoken, wordy.

P: Tell us shortly how did you start your way in the world of social?

M: I started with my daughter as a brand rep and then we moved into influencing. 

P: When did you realize that you have your tribe (kinda woke up famous)?

M: When I could get to know the same people coming back to comment and share love. 

P: When did you have your 1st collaboration (paid or barter)? How many followers did you have back then?

M: I had my first paid collaboration at the start of 2019. 

P: Your best and worst collaboration experiences and why (you don’t have to call the name of brand)

M: The best is when brands are so appreciative of what you create and are patient when life happens and things cannot be done in an instant. The worst is when you are forced to sign contracts for cheap products and brands make you change your captions to suit their needs rather than for your audience. 

P: Who makes photos for you? How do you edit your pictures?

M: I take the photos with my Nikon D5600. I edit using lightroom. 

P: You think pictures or captions are more important?

M: Both for me, for some captions it doesn't matter what picture I post I still get thoughtful comments in return. For others, the picture tells it all (like my transformations) and the caption doesn't matter as people will congratulate me on the picture they have seen. 

P: How do you cope with negative comments or critique on your social accounts?

M: I use the block button often, not so much negativity but more spammers and people trying to get me to join their MLM schemes or promote products I do not agree with like those mass produced in sweatshops. 

P: How to become an influencer — your personal recipe, given the hot new social trends.

M: You need to work out your niche and what kind of posts get the most engagement. The posts that get the least engagement you need to post less of, which can be hard when you are earning money from posting advertisements. Work out engaging ways to post ads and if you love something show it more than once at least in your stories rather than just posting it to your feed and having it forgotten. Share products you love which you aren't paid for alongside the ads, it makes you more genuine (you don't need to tag brands unless you are working with them). 

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