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Fake Followers Audit on Instagram: Persollo Step-by-Step Guide

According to research conducted by our team, a substantial number of influencers on Instagram are known to be fraudulent (across different categories and countries). To refresh some of our recent insights - we found that more than 25% of Australia’s top influencers audiences on Instagram is fake and the highest percentage of Australian influencer fraud (35%) is among the category of lifestyle bloggers. And so, in 2020 it’s a must to do a fake Instagram follower audit before partnering with influencers.

In this blogpost, we will look at a simple way to quickly spot a fake influencer using Persollo Post/Audience Analyzer tool.

Fake Influencer Audit Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Go to Persollo Analyzer. Then enter the influencer’s Instagram post URL link or @handle in the search box and click on "Discover Insights".

Step 2: Post Analyzer will give you a Free audit and all the analytics data of the influencer that you can use to help understand if the influencer is authentic or not. You can check their audiences, fake/bot followers, audience of value calculation, and much more. You get real-time insights on the spot!

Step 3: If you want to get more reports on your influencers, then you can sign up with Persollo and buy pay-as-you-go report packs or use our monthly subscription plans that include the analytics feature. As for pay-as-you-go packs - we offer 3 report packages: 10 reports pack, 25 reports pack, 40 reports pack and a bulk pack.

We've designed our Post/Audience Analyzer to help provide you with valuable information about any public Instagram account. Post/Audience Analyzer makes it much easier for both influencers and brands to create clear and transparent partnerships. It helps influencers know their worth and helps brands work with the right influencers.

Persollo Example Report is HERE.

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1 Comment

Jimmy Finch
Jimmy Finch
Jan 06, 2021

Hey, its a really great and informative article.

Fake followers should always be identified and removed

for Twitter you can try the tool to track any public accounts fake followers

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