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How Machine Learning Transforms Influencer Marketing as We Know It

Nowadays new technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are totally transforming the way brands conduct influencer marketing. As an AI-powered influencer marketing platform, we see how powerful machine learning algorithms can be in solving the core influencer marketing problems.

Based on the recent partnerships with top media agencies and brands, we see how more and more brands and industry practitioners realize the importance of AI, which offers accuracy, speed and efficiency. ML/AI is helping brands across 4 vital fields:

● defining the relevant talents in a fast and efficient way; ● spotting bots/fake influencers; ● creating more valuable content; ●suggesting impactful workflow actions (forecasting the success of influencer marketing campaigns).

Defining The Relevant Talents Identifying the most relevant influencers is one of the biggest challenges for brands and agencies. Using the latest ML/Al-powered technologies brands can find the right influencers and analyze different data from an influencer’s profile across various social media channels in a few seconds. It also helps to define whether creators are capable of helping brands achieve the main objectives. This is done by analyzing the content of influencer’s posts and generating metrics like reach, engagement, etc. The result sees the picking of an influencer more closely matched to the brand across a vast range of metrics.

Spotting Bots/Fake Influencers ML algorithms help filter bots and remove fake engagement. ML/ Al analyses the visual (Image Recognition) and textual content (Sentiment Analysis) of the influencer’s posts to indicate fake accounts and real-life audiences.

Creating More Valuable Content ML/AI technologies analyze millions of online images and videos within a few seconds. This, in turn, helps identify people, brand logos or products (specific attributes or characteristics). Automatic recognition of brand logos or objects in images and videos allows ML algorithms to collect more comprehensive data. It does so on a global scale. Moreover, such technologies analyze comment sentiment (it enables identifying whether the expressed opinion is positive, negative, or even neutral) and determine which posts are being received well and which had negative feedback. It helps the brand and agency to identify the type of content that is most likely to resonate with an influencer’s audience. This, in turn, helps influencers to change or boost elements of their content and make it more engaging (valuable/creative).

Forecasting The Effective Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns Effective and precise forecast of the influencer marketing campaign performance helps brands understand what will work best for the brand, provides answers to all questions about what’s been working and what hasn’t, which areas can be further improved, and so on.

ML/Al - powered technologies measure an influencer’s performance over a period of time (within pre- or post-campaign reporting). This helps brands determine when they are likely to get maximum engagement and whether influencer's content will match to the desired goals of the marketing campaign.

The advantages of ML/AI-powered influencer marketing tech are extremely exciting because it enables brands to find influencers based on quantitative and qualitative metrics on scale, conduct precise pre-campaign audit and closely monitor an influencer’s campaign performance (in real-time). It can boost your business and ensure that you see the best results possible. This means Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is capable of solving the core influencer marketing problems and transforming its future.

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