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Persollo Webinar 3: Ethics, Influencers and Growth

Last week we ran our 3rd in a series of Influencer Marketing ‘Of the Moment’ Webinars - "Ethics, Influencers and Growth".

Together with our stellar experts from the UK, Australia and Ukraine we've dived into the world of ethics with the tremendous rise of Virtual Influencers and the continued growth of Influencers and how they consider ethics, brand safety and transparency. We've looked at the new growing areas of specialism like consultants and burgeoning categories.

Watch the webinar below:

Our guest experts: 

Maria Cadbury, Director - Persollo UK

Scott Guthrie, Independent Influencer Marketing Consultant

Dudley Nevill- Spencer- Director & Head of Data Analysis - Virtual influencer Agency

Yvonne Sokias- Influencer @sydneyfashionkids

Jay Richards- Founder of Imagen

Cat Agostinho- COO and Co-Founder of Imagen

Chris Davis- Head of Gleam Solutions - Gleam Futures

Susie Moore- Business and Life Coach and Influencer

Nataliia Pirak- Founder Fly_Academy

Below are just some of the HIGHLIGHTS from our fabulous speakers: 

Scott Guthrie: Tik Tok 30% of 16 to 24 year olds have been swayed to buy a product through seeing some influencer marketing, influencer generated content on Tik Tok. On Instagram we can see that 38 38% of 25 to 34 year olds again are swayed to make a purchase through seeing Instagram content, influencer generated content on Instagram. And again on YouTube 37% of 25 to 3034 year olds are swayed to make a purchase based on seeing some influence and influencer generated content on those platforms. So much more to add on regulation… 

Dudley Nevill-Spencer from The VIA and Live & Breath, has built Virtual Influencers for brands.  In his talk we discussed the practice of making influencers.  There are three types of Virtual Influencers. The first kind is an Avatar, for example, Jamie from ANZ Bank, who helps you with your account - a customer service device (popular in the makeup and airlines businesses). The second kind are avatars who are created by a creator and the purpose of this is to make money eg. Lil Miquela - these are seen as Brand devices. Lastly, the third kind is an avatar of an individual, of someone not themselves. The core area Dudley and his team focus on is the Brand Personality where we create the personality and the story behind them. So many more nuggets in here. Exhilarating insights on watermarks, #ad, it’s worth a watch to learn more..

Nataliia Pirak from Fly_Academy takes us through the models of how we, you or I, become Business influencers to drive business growth. Looking at combining the neural, psychological and marketing. How you create yourself and your personality in social and the wider marketing landscape. The stronger the personal brand you have, the stronger your business grows and what you need.. 

Jay Richards and Cat Agostinho from Imagen, the award winning agency, focuses on the rise of GenZ consultants where they work with Brands on how to communicate with the GenZ audience but for me it’s also where we pick up on the purpose behind the business as they really tick the box of diversity and inclusion as they work with GenZ from every colour, creed, ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds.  

Chris Davis, Gleam who were the very first Talent Agency which is astonishing when you look at the landscape today. Chris takes us through how the landscape has morphed and grown. The maturity of the market in terms of pricing and working within the Omnichannel. Chris talks about the developments at Gream, which incorporates Gleam Futures: In House Marketing Agency, their Studio and Product D2C..

The remarkable Susie Moore, author, life coach and business influencer. Susie guided us on the “Permission to move forward and grow your business: 3 things you have complete control over right now”. Worthy tips on managing the mind and managing ourselves online and in the work we do.. 

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Feel free to ping us anytime if you'd like to shoot the breeze and talk about anything Influencer Marketing related.

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